Ambar Connect Co.: A Leader for EXPO HALAL Events in Spain and Europe

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Mr Anwar El Mezwaghi is the Founder and CEO of Ambar Connect Co., one of the leading companies in Spain in terms of international relations and organising events worldwide. He is a highly experienced international CEO and a member of UFI organisation since 2012, and has founded and managed companies and operational units in different countries such as WAHAexpo Co. and Waha Group, developing multicultural management teams, achieving market share growth and improving profitability between Spain – Europe and Arab and Islamic Countries.

Ambar Connect Co. is organising Expo Halal Spain Exhibition (Madrid), Expo Halal Alimentaria (Exhibition Barcelona), Arab – Spanish Universities forum (Hisara) in Sevilla and is co-operator with other associations such as the Smart City event, World Halal Summit and other Halal Industry events worldwide.

Our mission is to promote and improve economic opportunities in business, culturally and intuitionally (Halal Industry) in Europe and other Arab & Islamic Countries, for example Expo Halal Alimenatria 2020 in Barcelona, one of the largest trade shows worldwide as market for investors, public organisations and numerous economic delegations from different countries around the world.

The rapid growth of the Halal Industry market in Europe offers great business opportunities, valued at around $70,000 million. The sector becomes an important market for manufactures and producers who want to specialise, and thus achieve that competitiveness in the market. Our objective and goal is to extend the global network of highly qualified products suppliers and open more markets in Halal Industry sectors such as food, drinks, tourism, medical, lifestyle, insurance and banks.

Anwar El Mezwaghi

Our next activities include: the project of opening Halal Store shop series, OIC 7TH Expo Halal Dec2019 (Istanbul), Smart City 2019 (Barcelona), Expo Halal Alimenatria 2020 (Barcelona) and Halal Biz 2019 (Malaysia).

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