5 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Online Marketing Efforts

Marketing your product or service online is not an easy task, there is competition and successful companies budget for their marketing and are always looking for ways of keeping ahead of the competition.

Many online companies struggle over whether to keep their marketing in house or whether to use a Digital Marketing agency – such as edgeonline. This article looks at 5 benefits of outsourcing your online marketing efforts to an agency.


There are really only two ways that you can organise your marketing, either you do it yourself or you hire an digital marketer to do the work for you. If you plan to do it yourself, you may have to look at building an experienced team who can apply appropriate strategies, move with the times and keep you ahead of the competition. This not only takes time but there are significant costs associated with this method, not only with the cost of the staff but with office accommodation and the management associated with the team. For most companies when all of the costs are taken into consideration, it is more cost effective to look at hiring an agency carry out their marketing


Whether you build your own team or whether you choose an agency, experience is essential if you are going  to beat out or even level with your competition. If you are using SEO strategies, you need to achieve page 1 status and will be faced with huge competition for many of the keywords for which you may want to rank. A reputable Digital Marketing agency should be on the ball with all of the latest techniques and strategies, after all that is their specialism.

Time and Effort

Do you really have the time and effort needed to do all of this work yourself, it really is a learning curve and to develop an in house team of experts is going to take time, dedication and effort and could in fact take your focus away from what you are good at. Using an agency allows you to pass all of your marketing needs over to them, freeing you up to concentrate on the aspects of your business that you do well.

New Ideas

It is always helpful to have another pair of eyes to look at your marketing strategies and ideas as it is so easy to become blinded and continue down a one dimensional route. A good agency will be able to review your business and advise you of a marketing plan whether that be with SEO, paid marketing or a combination of both.

Faster Results

A reputable agency will have many tried and tested methods and will have worked with a number of clients and therefore should be in a good position to help you get faster results. Faster results mean more traffic more quickly and as a result more sales.

Every company has to weigh up their options to decide on the best fit for them. The costs associated by using a Digital Marketing agency however can be thought of as an investment towards the growth of your business.

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