ARRB Systems: The World Leader in Pavement Technological Solutions

Vikash Narsai, Chairman and Majority Shareholder of Automated Road Rehabilitation Business Systems Pty Ltd (ARRB Systems), is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organisations, forged over the span of 26 years.

Utilising his keen analysis, insights and team approach to drive organisational improvements and implementation of best practices, he has enabled the establishment of Automated Road Rehabilitation Business Systems (ARRB Systems), an international business, to support road authority organisations and private road civil engineering consulting firms to achieve their objectives and translate strategic infrastructure plans into tactical outcomes.

Vikash is also the Chief Executive Officer of VNA Consulting, a South African based multi-disciplinary Built Environment Consultancy focused on programme-, project- and construction management, in building and civil infrastructure delivery.

We spoke with Vikash to hear about ARRB Systems’ revolutionary services, the technology it uses and the impact of his leadership within the company.


What solutions and services do you deliver? What makes them unique?

ARRB Systems is a spin-off from the established Australian Road Research Board (ARRB Group), a global market leader in providing equipment and services for road assessment surveying. The primary service offering is to assist Road Authorities to prioritise maintenance strategies that are informed by credible and objective pavement data. Our Hawkeye platform, a modular system designed to enable multiple data collection sensors to meet and exceed the toughest pavement and asset management specifications, is now the backbone to the majority of our product and software options. The modular designed Hawkeye system further enables complete scalability, customised able functionality whilst still delivering consistent and fully integrated data outputs.

The uniqueness of the solution and service is built on a 57-year path which includes robust research and development to ensure the strictest standards for pavement asset management solutions to Road Authorities.


How has your experience in the Built Environment industry and in road asset management assisted you in your role today?

Good and effective leadership comes from the passion one exhibits for a vision that is larger than themselves, having a dream and a vision that will better the social order that exists today.

To be successful in a highly volatile industry, staying one step ahead is the difference between success or not. One needs to keep abreast with local as well as international trends. The acquisition of ARRB Systems in 2017, through a highly competitive international procurement process, enabled the fast-tracking of a vision to expand our brand into the highly attractive premium International Road Asset Management market segment, giving impetus to our brand and legacy-building aspirations. Today, ARRB Systems is a global distribution network involving established businesses in Australia, USA, India, Sweden and South Africa including a distribution network in 23 Countries.

Good and effective leadership comes from the passion one exhibits for a vision that is larger than themselves, having a dream and a vision that will better the social order that exists today.

How has technology advanced at ARRB Systems in recent years?

Methods of measuring pavement deterioration have primarily focused on surface condition. For many decades, structural condition assessment was based on stationary or slow-moving devices which could cause hazardous situations in normal traffic. Structural condition surveys using these devices, therefore, became less common, eliminating vital information about pavement structural life. Combining the two assessment techniques have, until today, been impossible.

ARRB System’s intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle “iPAVe” technology changes this forever. The technology enabled the development of the first fully integrated road surface and sub-surface condition assessment system, providing functional and structural data at highway speeds.

Another major advancement in measuring skid resistance and interrelated road surface characteristics is the intelligent Safety Assessment Vehicle, or iSAVe. The iSAVe provides a major advancement in terms of measuring skid resistance and interrelated road surface characteristics. Developed in conjunction with our Swedish partner, ASFT and working under license to the UK Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), ARRB Systems’ new iSAVe is manufactured in full compliance with the current British Standard BS 7941-1:2006.


How do you manage a company with global outreach such as ARRB? Does this pose any challenges?

At ARRB Systems, we are boasting a mix of management, engineering, marketing and software development skills. We also embrace a team approach to enable individuals to excel. Participation is key to achieve our common goal.

However, paradigm shifts can occur at any time. As we lay a Solid Foundation during the Fourth Industrial Revolution to begin building on our future, it is exciting but challenging to establish our presence in these key territories with the right partners who fully understand our objective of being the World Leader in pavement technological solutions.

To be successful in a highly volatile industry, staying one step ahead is the difference between success or not.

Are there any exciting developments you anticipate for the years ahead?

In the coming years, various key initiatives will drive the vision in leveraging a global presence through creative opportunities and innovation, thus ensuring continuous growth of the ARRB Systems brand worldwide. Expanding is more than just getting the right technology. It’s also about understanding how these markets around the world are doing business.

Our business is data-driven. It’s not just about metastasizing data, it’s more about what you’re doing with it. Several product development options are being researched for feasibility. In addition, we are busy with the establishment of a new data processing method to streamline the delivery of vast amounts of data to clients.



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