10 Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Another year, another attempt to fathom the depths of tech trends and WTF they mean for business transformation in 2019. We’re all thinking AI and ML and AR, but then what happened to the good ol’ fashioned three-letter-acronym? SAS? CMS? AWS? Where has that third letter gone? At least we have WTF.

Below Adrian Gans, Head of VCCP iX, jumps straight into his thoughts on the top tech trends of the year.

As always, the watch-out is that tech-first thinking is not the right approach to designing the right customer experience. But at the same time, we need to have an eye on where the big shifts are taking place so that we can make informed choices about priorities and, who knows, maybe place a wild bet on an innovation that could change our fortunes. Such as?

Digital wellbeing

We’re all suffering from too much screen time and information overload, but help is on its way. There are a plethora of apps being launched and now iOS & Android both offer native services to help you detox from your always-on digital life.


Forget passwords, physiology is all you need. Fingerprints, facial and voice recognition, health data and even DNA profiles, are all going to play a role in how we are recognised and how services are personalised to us and our individual lifestyle.

Cyber security & privacy

It’s not safe out there. Facebook, even the good ol’ EU with its pesky GDPR. There’s value in ‘them thar’ personal data banks and soon people will be taking back more control. The blockchain will help. No more walled gardens, please.


Mobile internet, faster. That doesn’t just mean more Netflix on the move, it means the power of cloud computing on your phone in an instant. Complex renders and calculations will make your mobile more powerful than ever before (and less reliant on WiFi).

AI, ML & algorithms

Machines are increasingly intelligent. They’re not human smart, but they are human dumb (and machine smart). Decisions are being made on our behalf, with data biases and unknown social impacts. Heck, maybe your brand is just an algorithm.

Visual search

The camera never lies. Well that was true before instagram and Snapchat, but anyway it’s great to search for stuff using photos now that image recognition is really good. Locations, shopping, even complex things like flights (shameless plug for easyJet Look & Book).

Subscription shopping

Somewhere out there, a machine knows what you like more than you do. So sign up and let it work its magic. More personalised, less effort, less waste. It ticks all the boxes, and even arrives in one (with free returns).

Immersive content

Silicon valley is not into reality, not really. Unless you’re talking augmented, virtual, mixed or cross (XR). Native capabilities on iOS & Android are adding to the noise from the headset crowd. Maybe even Magic Leap will turn out to be a big deal.

eSports and Gaming

Consoles are going mobile and games are going online, whilst gamers and streamers are going pro. It’s live entertainment and it’s way bigger than Hollywood. More and more ordinary people are tuning in to watch on Twitch, on YouTube and broadcasters won’t be far behind.

Energy consumption

On a more serious note, we’re all doomed. Crypto mining, server farms, video streaming and online gaming are all becoming huge consumers of global energy. Just when we need to consume, or at least pollute, less. Will technology eat itself?

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