Dubai Quality Group Announced the Formation of the UAE Innovation Chapter

  • The UAE Innovation Chapter – first of its kind in the UAE & Middle East formed by DQG

Dubai Quality Group has announced the establishment of the UAE Innovation Chapter, in association with Team Power International. The chapter is a first-of-its-kind think tank to be launched in the UAE & the Middle East to connect & build a community of Innovation Experts & Professionals throughout the UAE.

Operating under this new Chapter is the MasterMindPro – a unique social network of Innovation Professionals. With its Mantra “Innovative Solutions on Demand,” the MasterMindPro has the primary objectives of building a professional community of entrepreneurs, trusted and innovative Trainers, Consultants and Assessors; Enabling customers to source professional training, consulting & assessment services from a well-established, reliable, and user-friendly online one-stop-shop platform; Providing business opportunities for Mastermind members (consultants, trainers, assessors, auditors etc.); Leveraging crowdsourced innovation & Helping organisations in their digital transformation efforts, among others.

This initiative follows the transformational Vision of the Group: “Innovate to Lead,” developed under the Chairmanship of Ms. Fatma Buti Al Mheiri & the Board of Directors early in 2016. Keeping in line with a new strategy, the group has realigned its programs and activities to be more innovation-centric to better cater to the innovation challenges faced by the Business Community.

Staying true to its mission: “To empower organisations and professionals to adopt and sustain world-class Business Excellence practices through partnerships, networking and knowledge sharing,” this new chapter is expected to enhance the process of connecting knowledge seekers with qualified & experienced knowledge providers.

The chapter promises a win-win for both companies seeking expert knowledge & professionals who are engaged in offering their services alike.

Fatma Buti Al Mheiri, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group, commented: “Following the ‘UAE Innovation Award’ which was launched Under H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Airports, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Group, we believe that with the formation of this new Chapter, the group will achieve a new milestone, which will assist in developing a new culture of how companies will be supported in meeting their training & assessment requirements. As the world is moving towards digitalisation, this initiative is going to redefine how companies and experts synergise in the knowledge sharing process.”

Highlighting the advantages of the chapter, she said: “This method of tapping the potential of brains and expertise available globally, and connecting them through an interface to solve a unique set of requirements any entity may have anywhere across the world, will define new working behaviour that fosters more flexibility both to companies and professionals worldwide; empowering them with knowledge at their fingertips, no longer keeping them limited in terms of time, distance or expertise, and this we consider a major achievement of the Chapter.”

“We are pleased to be pioneering this project in the UAE & the Middle East, and are delighted to see the welcome we have received and the interest generated from professionals both within Dubai & other Emirates,” she added.

Dubai Quality Group welcomes individuals working in the field of Innovation, as well as those interested to develop their competencies in innovation to be a part of the Chapter. Professionals interested to apply may contact Dubai Quality Group office.


For Participation, Submission and further information about the UAE Innovation Award, please contact Ms. Femina via email or Mob +971 56 5457 416.

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