Tweet of the Week: Alexis O’Hanian Shows Support for Serena

This week’s Tweet of the Week comes from Reddit and Initialized Co-founder Alexis O’Hanian. O’Hanian, in addition to being one of the most recognisable characters in tech start-ups, is also the husband of one of the greatest Tennis players of all time: Serena Williams.

A prominent advocate and user of social media, O’Hanian used the platform to herald his wife’s Wimbledon performance. Just 10 months after giving birth to her first child, Serena was back in the Wimbledon final and although she lost to Angelique Kerber, her husband was quick to point out just how amazing he thought his wife’s achievements were, both past and future…

The couple had already been getting a lot of social media love before that tweet, not only for Serena’s performances, but also for the continued support that he had been giving his wife.

Following the final, the pride, devotion and support displayed by O’Hanion set twitter alight in admiration…

…and even Wimbledon got in on the act.

Taking it all one step further, O’Hanion utilised his platform and relationship to advocate for change in the work rules to benefit mothers and fathers in an OpEd for The Hill:

As the Co-founder of one of the world’s most used websites and being a millionaire, you may think it would be easy for O’Hanian to give support, but his continued social media celebration of his wife is as heart-warming as it is inspiring. In these fractious times, it makes a pleasant change from one of the world’s leading businessmen.

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