Investors Give Government Vote of No Confidence in Brexit Negotiations

Investors are becoming less confident of the government’s ability to deliver a good deal in the Brexit negotiations, according to Assetz Capital’s Q2 Investor Barometer.

The peer-to-peer lending platform canvasses the views of its investors every quarter, and they were asked how they feel about the UK’s current Brexit position. Just 20% said they were ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ of a good deal, with 80% being either ‘not very confident’ or ‘not at all confident’ of a good deal.

Sentiment has worsened since Q1, when 21% were ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’, and 79% ‘not very confident’ or ‘not at all confident’.

Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz Capital said: “We’re still not seeing optimism from our investors when it comes to Brexit. Remainers or leavers, there isn’t confidence in the government to deliver a deal that will work for our economy.

“It is more important than ever for ambitious businesses to access growth capital when the economy is struggling due to Brexit uncertainty. Alternative finance must continue to play a central role in ensuring this happens.”

(Source: Assetz Capital Limited)

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