What Can $6,500 Per Minute Buy Elon Musk Instead?

The latest on Tesla’s most prominent rising star, Elon Musk, is that he and his company burn around $6,500 per minute on average. The company risks being insolvent before the end of the year, and the way Tesla is funded and spends money is like no other. Elon Musk has managed to put it off so far, but what might have he been better off throwing his money at?

He could probably start off with a few Bitcoin every other minute. That may be a worthwhile investment, depending on your confidence in crypto.

He could buy himself six luxurious pairs of limited edition FALKE woollen socks (6x$1,100). Perfect for the summer I’m sure. Made from Vicuna wool, considered to be the most expensive wool in the world, Musk could afford six pairs of these per minute.

In just shy of four hours Musk could buy golden toilet paper ($1,558,335). Yes, truly golden, ready for the bathroom. Made by Australian base company, The Toilet Paper Man, the golden roll was manufactured when the company ‘came into possession’ of some 24ct gold. It also comes with complimentary champagne.

(Photo: Incredible Things)

On the other hand, Musk could step it up and get an actual golden throne instead/also ($2,500,000). This would take him about six and half hours. Manufactured by the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in 2001, this may be the most luxurious lavatory Musk could imagine.

On the subject of toilets, Elon Musk could invest in yet another exciting innovative technology; the Kohler’s Numi toilet. This does everything beyond going to the bathroom for you. So it could be a real time-saver for ole’ Musky, and perhaps tesla could learn a few lessons about tech that actually sells. It costs exactly $6,500.

(Photo: IT Canada)

If he’s into basketball he could purchase a flashy pair of $6,500 Air Jordan’s every minute. Why do these cost so much? They are set with over 15,000 crystals. Artist Daniel Jacob started selling ‘GOLDS’ at the beginning of the year, and they come with matching gold laces.

(Photo: Design Limited Edition)

To top this luxury life, Musk could travel around the world permanently, and never have to stop. CNN Travel reports that $6,500 could potentially get you 1 million air miles. This is the claim of a German entrepreneur, who seems to found a credit loophole, and unlike Musk, is making the most of his $6,500.

(Photo: Emirates)

Besides kind luxuries, what are the more serious expenditures Musk could be claiming?

In exactly one hour Elon Musk could pay off the lawsuit costs of the Austrian Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology who very recently lost a case filed by Peter Franzmayr, the man awarded $390,000 after suing the Ministry for hiring a woman less qualified than him for a job.

In 2015, the average price of a Super Bowl ticket was $6,500. If Musk builds a time machine he could technically go back every minute and relive the Seattle Seahawks’ crushing defeat against the New England Patriots, as well as one of Katy Perry’s historical performances.

$6,500 will also get Musk a year’s worth of college education in New York according to the Washington Post. Now imagine how many young lives’ he could provide a foundation for.

According to the New York Times, Qarabatur, a small village in northern Afghanistan, was completely revitalised by an investment of $6,500, from clean water to farming. This may have you thinking, what if Musk could save a small third world village in trouble every minute, never mind every day?

The truth is, while Elon Musk, be it Tesla or SpaceX, could ‘burn’ cash elsewhere, he believes himself to be spending it on what matters. Innovation that will perhaps one day solve many problems for all of humanity. Could you say his $6,500 per minute burnout is saving the world? Perhaps, perhaps not.

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