Your Business Could Be Losing £205million to IT Downtime

New research from IT server relocation specialist Technimove reveals the real cost to UK businesses of poorly planned server migrations. The data reveals that just a 1% loss of service from such migrations could cost UK businesses as much as £205million per year, while US-based businesses might be losing out on as much as £7billion per year.

If that 1% of lost service were applied to the big tech giants:

  • Apple could lose £1.6billion in revenue per year;
  • Amazon might see an annual loss of £1billion;
  • Google could risk up to £660million in lost revenue.

Businesses large and small rely on servers to store data and run their businesses. Just 1% of server downtime could mean the website, customer databases and e-commerce functions are down for an entire day, resulting in a salary loss per employee, a dip in revenue, frustrated customers and increased stress levels for employees, with the corresponding decline in productivity.

Technimove CEO, Ochea Ikpa, says, “Reducing downtime is a crucial goal for any business server migration, and executing on time and to budget is essential to the success of the project. While 1% may seem a relatively small percentage of business time, over a year this works out at more than three whole days of lost service due to server downtime

Ikpa adds: “Technimove specialises in minimising disruption, loss of service and risk against the transitional migration requirements of businesses. Our latest research underlines the importance of having a coherent plan when it comes to IT service migration – an issue that many businesses underestimate to their cost.”

Technimove has created an informative infographic to demonstrate the effects of what just 1% server downtime could mean for UK businesses, as well as the big tech giants Apple, Amazon and Google.

(Source: Technimove)

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