28 Brands That Use AI to Enhance Marketing

Artificial intelligence was introduced half a century ago and since then it has been used to “replace” tutors, travel agents, office, or family assistants. After realizing the benefits that AI brings, companies like Amazon, Google and even Sephora turned attention to state of the art assistants used for marketing, customer relationship management, or recommendation with the goal of boosting sales.

BMW is one of the biggest companies which uses AI. Let’s take a look how they do it.

The famous German car manufacturer created an opt-in system and personal mobility companion called BMW Connected, with the goal of gathering data about customers and their cars. It is optimized for cars from 2014 and on, and it has many functions such as locking and unlocking the car, and activating the air condition systems.

BMW and its partner Here Maps are helping automated cars learn everything about location. The AI can take the steering wheel to steer the car by itself and alert the driver whenever it needs help.

In collaboration with Intel, BMW is currently creating a mechanism that can see like humans. This mechanism will be able to make decisions once it interprets the data input.

The future of artificial intelligence looks bright as it is finding its place and is being implemented in different industries. Companies are splashing huge amounts of  cash in order to create AI which will satisfy their customers’ needs.

Take a look below at 27 other brands besides BMW which use artificial intelligence to enhance marketing.

Brands That Use AI To Enhance Marketing

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