“Lads” or “Bros” Are the Worst Personalities to Have in Your Office

Your typical “Lad”, or “Bro”, shouldn’t be hired as part of a workforce.

These guys have a grade A qualification in banter, enjoy engaging in typical testosterone-driven behaviour and will flex their “guns” at any given opportunity. But most importantly, these guys are out to impress, unfortunately not their seniors, but their peers. Lads thrive off each other, they copy each other’s actions and try and out-perform one another.

To filter out this sort of behaviour, Ed Challinor, First Officer at Smileworks Liverpool, runs with an interesting interview technique: “We try to get people to mirror our behaviour by being slightly inappropriate or swearing to see if they take the bait. If they do, it’s a no unfortunately.” Ed added: “We don’t want chameleons who copy, we want people who have their own values and will stick to them”.

5 Worst traits to have as an employee:

  • Bro
  • Hot-Headed
  • Self-Centred
  • Dishonest
  • Bully

Finding the right candidate can often have a lot of leg-work, but it’s often the case that people can filter themselves out, without even trying – literally. Laziness is something employers can’t stand – another common trait among “Lads”, we see right through your typos and lifeless personal profile. If you can’t be bothered, why try?

“In my experience, employers will disregard any candidates that do not follow instructions during their application process. If the job seeker fails to follow simple instructions, such as a tailored covering letter, their application may never reach the people with the power to hire.” Jo Sellick, Managing Director of Sellick Partnership, told us.

5 Best traits to have as an employee:

  • Trustworthy
  • Optimistic
  • Calm
  • Supportive
  • Loyal

The statement, by Kit Out My Office, recently surfaced after reviewing their workforce. Kit Out My Office have identified the personalities that make their team thrive, the “bro” trait was nowhere to be seen, alongside those who are hot-headed and self-centred.

(Source: Kit Out My Office)

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