4 Top Tips on How to Get the Best Energy Deals for Your Business

The UK’s share of taxes and levies paid by household consumers for natural gas is actually the lowest out of the whole of Europe – which contributes to a lower annual bill. However, as UK has been hit with plummeting temperatures with much of the north covered in snow, and icy conditions causing chaos on the roads, business energy prices are more important than ever. Below Duncan Colman, spokesperson for Heat Traders, provides some tips on how to better your bargain.

For a small business it’s paramount you get the best deal for your energy prices, according to an article published by City AM Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK spend an average of £1m each on business expenditures every year, and Londoners splashed the most cash of any region, new research suggests.

We’ve collated some tips below to make sure you get the best possible deal.

1. Keep an eye on the market and don’t settle

I think it’s safe to say just like domestic energy tariffs, it’s best to shop around for your businesses energy provider. The market is constantly volatile and fluctuates often. It’s always best to check different suppliers and the offers they have before confirming or joining any firm. I’d also recommend to not be afraid of switching tariffs over the course of the year, if your current deal isn’t working for you don’t be afraid to switch supplier.

2. Find the best rate for you and for your business

Finding the best rate is one of the most important first things to consider when looking for your energy supplier for your small business. Every penny really does count in business and these types of overheads can be a great place to keep costs down as much as possible. Another way to keep costs is to make sure all computers and lights are turned off at the end of the day. Many offices around the world waste energy by simply not doing this.

3. Make sure you read the small print

Make sure you read the small print of any tariff you sign. Selecting an energy tariff with a significant discount can seem straightforward but it’s worth checking the small print too, sometimes the discount can only be for a short period of time. Make sure the discount isn’t just based on the unit price and is the whole tariff.

4. Don’t substitute good service for price

It’s important to make sure you don’t compromise good service for low cost. Obviously, it’s important to get the best deal possible. However, make sure that you do your background research on the energy provider you choose. Have you checked their reviews are they a legitimate company? It’s always good to make sure you do these checks before signing any agreement, or you could be stuck with a deal that isn’t right for you and more importantly an energy supplier who isn’t right.

It’s safe to say there are lots of different energy prices out there, make sure you’re not afraid to switch and your promoting energy efficiency in your business. Make sure you aren’t just fooled by the price and receive the customer service you deserve.

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