The Top 10 Software Technologies to Increase Productivity

Time management is a vital skill for all professionals to have, whether you’re in an entry-level position or a board director. It’s easy for us to be distracted from our daily to-do list and procrastinate. Below STL Microsoft Training lists ten software technologies which are used to help increase productivity. These tools can help you with everything from time management to finding where your company has been mentioned in the press.

1. Grammarly

This tool is a really effective way of making sure you’re not making any simple or major grammar mistakes in your copy. If you don’t have access to content teams to check your work, this tool is great to help you out along the way.

2. Trello

This is a really simple way of planning your projects and tasks. It lets you work them through a system and allows you to see the progress you are making with each individual project. You can also share your boards with other people which is useful in order to keep different people in the loop.

3. Google Calendar

This is definitely vital in case you are planning any activities for your business surrounding upcoming events. These can be awareness days or public bank holidays. We would suggest creating a calendar of these events over the year to help you with your planning.

4. Google Docs

Google docs are a great way for multiple people to be working on a document. This is especially helpful when you’re working on a large project and need multiple people adding to one document.

5. Evernote

This is a great really versatile app that lets you save notes (audio and text), organise photos, set reminders. It’s like your own virtual personal assistant. This app is useful if you’re in a small business with limited time to dedicate to those smaller admin tasks.

6. Hootsuite

If you’re wanting to monitor your companies social media and also that of close competitors this is a perfect dashboard for you. This software enables you to schedule tweets, measure followers, delegate tasks to fellow colleagues and much more.

7. Toggl

Toggl is a simple time tracking tool. This can be great for time management and efficiency within your company. It’s always good to know how much time you’re spending on each task in order to make sure you’re not either over servicing clients or spending too much on one individual task. The app also lets you pull reports so you can compare the time spent during the week.

8. Google alerts

This is a great and simple way to set up media alters for your company. This will allow you to see each time you are mentioned in the press and keep track of your coverage. It’s also really useful to set up an alert for your competitors so you can monitor their activity and learn from them to add to your strategy.

9. Buzzsumo

This software is great to see what content is trending online and being shared by different influencers. This will be really useful if you need to find out what content is working in your companies industry and help you fill out your content calendar. There is also a feature to set up alerts very similar to Google alerts to monitor your press coverage and your competitors press coverage.

10. Sane box

Sane box scans your emails and history to find out what emails matter to you. It then sorts the less important emails into your @sanebox folder. This is extremely useful as it will allow you to prioritise your inbox.

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