Is Traditional PR the Same As It Used To Be?

The biggest PR trends for 2018.

London, December 2017 – So what really lies ahead for the communications industry?  It is fair to say that PR has experienced its challenges of late; it been dealt a million social media blows, not to mention the deluge of digital marketers who think it can simply and quickly replace PR completely. The nerve! The truth of the matter however is, third-party validation and earnest press are some of the only honest and solid ways to get your company’s story told.

So, here is what we at PR in a Box predict for the future of our beloved PR industry:


Knowing the real value of PR

Although quick marketing growth is a real and effective element, it is important to recognize the true and undeniable value of press coverage in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Traditional PR still matters!

A recent survey from the CMO Council revealed that 63% of consumers would respond more positively to a social media ad if it appeared on a more traditional channel. In a world of ‘fake news’ and the irritating and highly-invasive pop-up marketing ploys, remember this, consumers still have an unfaltering confidence in our old-school media outlets.

Having the right balance between digital and traditional seems the ideal solution. We need fusion of old and new! Adapt and realise that no one audience exists any longer.

You’re only as good as your reputation

We live in an online-world and that means radical transparency. Companies know more about individuals than they ever have and vice versa. Sadly, this means that reputational damage is only a tap away. Make sure you have specialists there to do it right.

Building your brand’s reputation now is imperative in order for people to know they can trust you when a crisis hits. Your brand’s reputation is its most valuable asset! Be sure that if you experience a crisis of any magnitude that control is not completely out of your hands. For example, start by populating owned channels e.g. company blog, social media channels, website and your online newsroom.

Influencer marketing 

In the words of Sam Cooke ‘a change is gonna come’. Influencer marketing has grown exponentially in recent years and the authenticity of some brands has been masked by money and influence. The truth is, it is essential for brands to build genuine and trustworthy relations that their consumers can not only relate to but trust in. The fundamental problem with paid advertising has always been credibility and this is where influencer marketing is heading – it is paid placement. Beware the Influencer Marketing Evolution!

Embrace Artificial Intelligence 

AI has completely and totally transformed the way we communicate and get things done. Therefore, it is fair to say the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence technologies in the day-to-day running of a brand in order to survive and succeed will be an imperative component. It is likely that some of the most important PR functions will be powered through AI.

In order to remain competitive, data science will be crucial to a brand’s longevity. AI will essentially improve a company’s insight in to what their consumers want and the messages being delivered.

Welcome to the future folks! Now is the time to start strategizing for 2018 and beyond and we hope these trend predictions will enable you to hit the ground running!

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