10 Top Tips You Must Read Before Launching an Enterprise in 2018

Online printer instantprint, held a Successful Business Panel this January, involving four accomplished business owners. The panel was held to inspire entrepreneurs across the country and to celebrate the success of small business owners.

The panel discussion was filled with fantastic nuggets of knowledge and guidance on launching a business in 2018. Such as, how to pick the right office location and creating a successful business plan. Whilst also tapping into why the business owners involved launched their companies and key lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

As many of the aspiring entrepreneurs see the beginning of the month as the ideal time to launch a business, instantprint have comprised the top tips form their interview with successful CEO’s from across the north to offer the best possible advice.

As part of the business panel, instantprint spoke with Matt Russell, Co-founder of Music Vine, an award-winning music licensing platform based in Leeds. Matt uncovered his top advice on which step to take first before launching: ‘‘We did our research. You need to prepare yourself as much as possible because the next month will be pivotal. Having a solid grasp on the market you’re entering, your USP and a stage by stage plan, will hold you onto your vision whilst also having milestones to achieve.’’

Co-founder of instantprint, James Kinsella, offers his advice for budding entrepreneurs on launching an enterprise in 2018: “No matter the time of year, there will always be an amount of risk when launching a business. However, this can be managed in today’s information world, so the risk is probably lower than say, thirty years ago. Starting a business certainly is not for everyone but by making informed and researched decisions with your business, you can control more of the risk.”

You can read the full-length business panel on the instantprint website here.

For busy entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to read the full content, instantprint created Ten top tips on launching a business, taken from the panel discussion.

  1. Trust your instinct.
  2. Build a brand.
  3. Be meticulous over every aspect of your business.
  4. Do not underestimate the investment your business will require in time and money.
  5. Follow the money – be a need to have.
  6. Don’t try to do it all by yourself.
  7. People – surround yourself with the right people to make your business a success.
  8. Prioritise and qualify prospects and make sure they are actually serious and interested in buying otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time.
  9. Plan ahead.
  10. Don’t lose sight of what makes you unique.

Plus, instantprint have assembled the top five pieces of advice to have arisen from their business panel interview. The “Top Five Start-up Tips From Northern Entrepreneurs” are a combination of comments from the five panellists to create the best advice for budding entrepreneurs.

(Source: instantprint)

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