CEO Today Top 50 – Mark G. Parker

Photo: World Economic Forum

CEO Top 50

Name: Mark G. Parker

Net worth: Approx. $250 million

Company: NIKE

Bio:  Mark Parker received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Penn State University in 1977.

Parker took over as CEO of NIKE in 2006, becoming the company’s 3rd since it was founded. He first joined NIKE in 1979 as a footwear designer.

After being promoted to Chairman in 2016, Parker’s compensation tripled to over $47.6 million, $33.5 million of which came from stock rewards.

Mark Parker was named Fortune‘s Businessperson of the Year in 2015. A year later, he ranked 14th in the New York Times‘ list of highest paid CEOs with an annual pay check of $47.6 million.

CEO Fact: Patker is an avid art and movie fan and collector.  He has a huge collection of contemporary artwork including pieces by pop-art legend Andy Warhol.  His rare movie prop collection contains models and original props from Mars Attacks, Back to the Future and the Day the Earth Stood Still.

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