CEO Today Top 50 – Indra Nooyi

Photo: Jeff Bedford

CEO Top 50

Name: Indra Nooyi

Net worth: Approx. $80 million

Company: PepsiCo

Bio:  Indra Nooyi was named President and CEO of PepsiCo in 2006, having joined the company in 1994. She has directed the company’s global strategy for over a decade, taking the lead on major acquisitions such as the deal with Tropicana in 1998.

Nooyi holds a master’s Public and Private Management degree from Yale School of Management and currently oversees more than 26,000 employees globally and over 100 brands and trademarks.

Since starting as CFO of the company in 2001, the company’s annual net profit has risen from $2.7 billion to $6.5 billion.

In 2006 she became the fifth CEO in PepsiCo’s 44-year history and was named as the 3rd Most Powerful Woman in Business by Fortune in 2014, moving up to 2nd a year later.

CEO Fact: Nooyi used to be the lead-singer and play guitar in an all female rock band.  She was also a keen cricketer growing up, and in February 2018 In February 2018, the International Cricket Council announced that Nooyi would join the ICC Board as its first independent female director.

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