3 Wellness Retreats you should visit

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Wellness retreats to visit


Everyone has stress in their lives whether that comes from work, family, social commitments or anything else. Taking time for your mental health is important. Take a look at three wellness retreats which could help you become a healthier and happier version and detox from modern life for a few days.

A wellness retreat is for all, whether you need time alone, bonding with a partner or friend, even work trips take place here helping with team bonding and inspiring new ideas and motivation on return.

Askam Hall

The Lake District is one of the most popular destinations in England with quaint British towns and villages, lake swimming and exploring mountains this is the perfect place to experience a reset. Askham Hall provides a health and wellness retreat which you will leave feeling reenergised.

With guided meditation, walking, forest bathing, home grown food, wild picnic with local produce and a 3 night stay in the luxurious hotel.

The retreat is guided by Krich Thapa, an expert mountaineer and spiritual guide who was the first international military mountain leader. Through his own personal spiritual journey and what he has learnt along his life he takes guests to a place of relaxation, thought and escape.

Come alone, with a partner or family for this digital detox whilst taking part is meditation and other activities to be reset.




We travel to the other end of the country to rural Devon for this next wellness retreat which is focused on health, fitness and your spiritual wellbeing.

Co-founders husband and wife, Mercedes and Simon Sieff built their Yeotox retreat through their joint love of yoga, spiritual wellbeing and authentic living. Mercedes is a qualifies positive psychology coach and one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers leaving you in very capable hands.

This is a 5 day retreat where a digital detox is highly encouraged to immerse yourself into this experience and escape from modern stressors. You will be given massages each day along with meditation and a range of physical activities to give you a healthy reset. The menu’s will consist of gut healthy foods and you will be given knowledge for a healthier lifestyle.

Glass House Retreat

Located close to the Capital making this easy to access, get yourself to Essex for this retreat.

This is a vegan and eco-friendly retreat where you can recharge in a way that suits you, whether that is physical exercise or total relaxation and use of the spa facilities.

The food is centred about health and nutrition so the menus are inspired by natural produce full of vitamin to help you perform at your best.

Enjoy their spa treatments including, a swimming pool, sauna and a natural outdoor pond you can take a dip in.

Be guided in meditation by their qualified coaches in their wellness dome, where yoga, chakra, preventative health and sleep relaxation workshops are also held.

They also offer the use of their gyms and studios where you can build or maintain your physical health journey. They host classes to take part in for your holistic health and to improve flexibility, mobility, balance and strength.

The Listening Room is a unique part of this retreat as you will have the option to privately talk to one of their wellness staff members so you can truly detox any stress during your stay.



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