Vogue World in Paris

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Vogue World took on Pairs and the historic place of Vendome to celebrate 100 years of French fashion and pay tribute to sports through the decades, one month before Paris hosts the Olympics.

For each decade beginning in the 1920s a different era of fashion and sport was displayed through designers and models. This was a showcase of the evolution of fashion with over 100 models part of the show, celebrity appearances marking this grand show.



The Evolution of Fashion

For the 1920s they paired cycling as this was seen as a symbol of speed and freedom during this decade.

The 40s showcased the sport of swimming with the popular appearance of singer, Sabrina Carpenter as she walked the runway is swimwear and a coverup skirt. The swimsuit was debuted on the Riviera in 1946.

For the 1950s, they paired equine and had Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, two models as well as horse lovers. Riding horses down the runway.

The 80s paid tribute to martial arts as Japanese designers revolutionised Paris fashion during this decade. Katy Perry made an appearance walking the runway for this decade.

The 90s showcased football as in 1998 France won their first World Cup. They also marked the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution with Anok Yai wearing a recreation of the 1989 gown worn by Jessye Norman when singing the ‘La Marseillaise on Place de la Concorde for this significant time in history. For this decade the audience was given a live performance from Bad Bunny, musician and 2024 co-host of the Met Gala earlier this year.


This is just a sample of what was shown at the Vogue World show this past weekend with over 151 models and 188 athletes.


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