The First 2024 Presidential debate

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Later today CNN will host the first 2024 Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump for their first chance in this election to appeal to the public and argue why either of them should have another chance as president.

The Guardian reports that 6 out of 10 American are likely to tune into the debate live at 9pm on CNN. For those in the UK wishing to watch live this will be at 2am and it will be £1.99 to sign up to CNN for a month or watch on the CNN channel if you have Sky TV.


The next debate will be held on the 10th September by ABC broadcaster.


They both have a lot to prove

Donald Trump was not chosen in the 2020 election after his run in presidency from 2017-2021. Recently, Trump was charged for fraud for his actions during the 2016 elections. As he awaits his final verdict, will this affect the voters choices or will they ignore this for policies?


During Joe Biden’s presidency American’s have suffered with high inflation, fighting for women’s reproductive rights as well as the critique leading up to the election that age should have a factor as both candidates are over 75. Biden has also received backlash for his support of Israel in their violence against Gaza as he funds weaponry and has not fought for a ceasefire. His lack of foreign aid could be a huge factor in voter choices.


Will the debate reveal their plans for their years as president or will it create more concern?


The Debate

90 minutes of bickering and concerning the public over their choices for President this coming election, Biden and Trump reveal little of their plan for their time in the White house.

Donald Trump was attacked for his criminal charges and Joe Biden for his age of 81 and showing signs of it too with losing his train of thought at moments of the debate. Many are calling for an alternative democratic candidate to replace Joe Biden for their next term.

The focus remained on immigration, foreign policy and the US economy as they has two minutes for each response, mostly used to defend them selves or attack the other.

This is the earliest presidential debate and the first between a current president and a former president.


Lies told

Spotted several times throughout the debate were Donald Trump’s blatant lies and misinformation, The New York Times noted 26 times.

Just one examples of Donald Trump’s lies as he stated “He had the largest deficit in the history of our country.” However, data from the US treasury shows the deficit peaked whilst Mr Trump was president at $3.13 trillion and by 2024 it had declined to $1.7 trillion with Mr Biden as President.


A disaster for both

On terms of winners, it’s clear that neither the democrats or republicans have come out as a definite winner from this debate with lies, bickering and plain irrelevant comments being thrown back and forth.

However, the republicans came away more positively despite the lies Mr Trump decided to tell due to Mr Biden’s lack of coherent comments and the strong consensus in America that the Democrats need to quickly decide if this is their best option as candidate.

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