Supporting pride month as a business

June is pride month when everyone from the LGBTQ+ community is celebrated, the month began in 1969 after riots gay liberation. The month allows everyone from the community to be reminded that they are valued. As well as to remind everyone that those in the community should be accepted for their place in society as well as to honour those in the Stonewall uprising in Manhattan 1969.

During the month of June businesses often show their support which in turn gives them great PR often driving the amount of customers up.

Ways you can show your support in business

  • Use social media to show your support in June, this could be by changing your profile and logos to the multicoloured filter which becomes available or through related posts. You could post about pride events happening in your city, most cities will host a pride parade and day where there will be a fun event with food and music and a great atmosphere.
  • You could also post about the history and highlight the importance of a pride month.


  • Using your position for support which could include donations to charities for those who need help in the LGBTQ+ community. This could include, Camp Lightbulb, Stonewall Scotland, the LGBT Foundation and more. Supporting these charities means young people and those struggling with their sexuality could receive the support they need.


  • Planning volunteering days with your colleagues to support charities and pride events through June is a great way to show support and get the whole business involved.


  • Make sure the support doesn’t stop on June 30th! Carrying on with the message throughout the year shows your customers and clients that you are authentic.


Supporting Pride month is good for business

Showing your support during Pride month is great for employee morale and recruitment. Staff can clearly see that where they work or could work is an ally and this is often a huge factor for job searches. Pride month is also full of fun and life which is great for staff morale and either attending the Pride event in your area or just celebrating in general can get the team together.

This will improve employee wellbeing and satisfaction which could decrease staff turnover and lead to higher productivity if the workplaces matched their values.


Customers often boycott brands which clearly do not support and honour Pride month which can easily circulate on social media. The values and morals of a business is often just as important as the product and services offered now so making it clear that you are a supporter could be beneficial for revenue and customer base.



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