Successful female celebrity brands

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Celebrity brands are not hard to come by with skincare and clothing lines being the most common ideas. Using their influence and already established standing celebrities are able to promote a brand better than anyone.


Successful Celebrity brands


Fenty Beauty, Rhianna

In 2017 Rihanna launched her make up brand to fill a gap in the market with a variety of different shades of foundation. This came from a lack of shades Rhianna found herself struggling to find. This earned the brand a spot on the “best inventions of 2017” list at the time.

Rhianna’s marketing is what makes the brand stand out, using models of various ethnicity. Genders, skin tones and body types. A brand marketed for everyone.

In 2023 Fenty Beauty generated a revenue of $602.4 million making it one of the most successful celebrity owned businesses.


Eva Longoria

An actress, philanthropist, producer and businesswoman, Eva Longoria has combined her strong beliefs and wishes to uplift her heritage through her brands.

Longoria uses her Tequila brand, Casa Del Sol to benefit those in her community and those who work for the company. The brand is partnered with a 100% Mexican owned distillery and also provides healthcare opportunities to their production workers along with developing programs to support woman in the Altos de Jalisco region.

Longoria has recently invested in the $500 million food brand Siete Foods, joining the company as an investor and strategic advisor. Their goal is to create a billion-dollar empire celebrating culture creating American-Mexican food available to all. As recorded by Forbes Siete Foods is the fastest growing Hispanic food company in the US and the second largest private, independently owned snack brand.


Skims, Kim Kardashian

The reality star turned businesswoman has earned herself a seat on the list of successful celebrity owned businesses.

In 2019 the media star launched the business with Swedish Entrepreneur, Jens Grede. The clothing line instantly became a hit and last year joined a partnership with the NBA and became the biggest brands in the underwear sand loungewear industry.

The brand’s marketing uses other celebrities with Kim Kardashians long line of networking partnerships including Usher and NBA stars. Having topical and popular faces such as Sabrina Carpenter and Nicola Coughlan, both rising stars of 2024 to market the brand.

In 2023 the brands revenue reached $750 million which was up from $500 million in 2022.

The company was valued at $4 billion in 2023.


The Honest company, Jessica Alba

Created in 2012 to promote conscious and clean living especially for our children. The brand offer a range of personal care, beauty. Baby and household products all formulated with safe, clean ingredients.

Their marketing is centred on showcasing real mothers and their real lives using the product creating authenticity.

The brand has now partnered with major retailers including, Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Publix and GNC.

‍By the end of 2023 they reported a 10% revenue increase reaching $90 million.

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