Exploring Andaz London: A Blend of Heritage and Modernity

CEO Today travelled to the heart of East London to stay at the Andaz London Liverpool Street and found a gateway to the vibrant and creative culture of the area.


The hotel is housed in a Grade II listed Victorian building, originally opened as the Great Eastern Hotel in 1884- a historic landmark located at Liverpool Street in London. Its establishment is intricately linked to the expansion of the British railway system in the late 19th century. Designed by Charles Barry Jr. and Edward Middleton Barry, the hotel was commissioned by the Great Eastern Railway to serve the growing number of rail passengers traveling through Liverpool Street Station, which itself had opened in 1874. This strategic location enabled the hotel to cater directly to travellers, offering them a luxurious place to stay right at the terminus of one of London’s major railway lines. The hotel’s architectural grandeur and opulent interiors were a testament to the ambition of the railway company to provide top-tier services and accommodations, reflecting the Victorian era’s engineering prowess and commitment to public amenities. Over the years, the Great Eastern Hotel has maintained its historical essence while undergoing various renovations to blend its rich past with contemporary design, now operating as the Andaz London Liverpool Street under the Hyatt portfolio. The hotel’s connection to the railways is a key part of its legacy, underscoring its role in the history of London’s transportation and hospitality industries.


East London, and particularly nearby Shoreditch, has become a beacon of trendiness and coolness due to its unique blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy. Shoreditch, once a gritty industrial area, has transformed into a creative and cultural hub, attracting artists, designers, tech startups, and young professionals. The area is renowned for its street art adorning its walls, adding to its urban aesthetic. Trendy cafes, quirky bars, and an eclectic mix of vintage shops and boutiques line its streets, creating a lively and diverse atmosphere. Indeed, artwork and installations are reflected throughout the hotel as well as part of the tapestry within accommodation and through the interiors. Furthermore, East London’s rich cultural tapestry, characterised by its diverse communities, has infused the area with a global flavour, making it a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and traditions. The blend of the old and new, the traditional and the avant-garde, makes East London and this location in Liverpool Street a constantly evolving and exciting place to be.

a lounge bar area in the Andaz London. The walls are pannelled red with wooden tables and a gree bar area.
Credit: Andaz London

Celebrity Clients

Andaz London has been a preferred choice for international celebrities, attracting a host of famous names over the years. Global megastar Beyoncé has stayed at the hotel during world tours with Lady Gaga participating in a photoshoot in the Masonic Temple. The hotel’s blend of historical charm and modern luxury makes it a perfect retreat for celebrities seeking privacy and top-notch service which its clientele emphasising Andaz London’s status as a premier hotel in the heart of London.


As part of the prestigious Hyatt portfolio, Andaz London Liverpool Street offers 267 spacious and modern guest rooms, including 15 luxurious suites. Each room is designed to embody the ethos of the Andaz ‘home,’ combining comfort with contemporary style. Guests will find winged-backed chairs by Morgan, bespoke walnut desks, and super plush beds, ensuring a restful stay. Large photographer’s lamps by Artisan add a playful yet warm touch to the rooms, making them perfect for both relaxation and work. Whether you are staying in a standard room or one of the exclusive suites, the accommodation at Andaz London promises a blend of elegance, comfort, and modern amenities.

Miyako Restaurant

Among the five distinctive dining options at Andaz London, Miyako stands out as an authentic Japanese restaurant recently honoured with the prestigious AA Rosette. Miyako offers a serene dining experience with a focus on traditional Japanese cuisine, including sushi, sashimi, and tempura. The restaurant’s minimalist design and attention to detail create a tranquil atmosphere where guests can enjoy the culinary artistry of Japanese cooking. Whether you’re a seasoned sushi lover or trying Japanese cuisine for the first time, Miyako provides a delightful and authentic dining experience and there is something for all the family to try. Service, style and atmosphere are second to none.

Fitness Centre

For guests looking to maintain their fitness routine during their stay, Andaz London offers a state-of-the-art fitness centre. Equipped with the latest exercise machines including the trendy Pelotons and free weights, the fitness centre caters to all workout preferences. Whether you’re looking to start your day with an energizing workout or unwind with some evening exercise, the fitness centre provides a comfortable and well-equipped space to meet your fitness needs and it is open 24/7!

Special Events

The hotel has partnered up with ROWBOTS, a boutique fitness studio that shares in Andaz’s wellness journey. A typical session can see you burn up to 800 calories during 50-minutes of high-intensity, low-impact mental and physical conditioning. A special event curated by the experts at ROWBOTS titled “CAPACITY Club” will take place in the iconic Grade II listed 1901 ballroom and promises to be more than just a fitness class but a community coming together. Working in teams of 3-4, the 60-minute workout encompasses the rower, ski erg, assault bike, and various strength movements designed to bring out the best in each participant, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support blending fun, dynamism, and challenge. A great workout and a brilliant way to meet new people.

Lounge area for the Andaz London
Credit: Andaz London

Play: Enjoy access to one session, priced at £29 or bring a guest and enjoy two tickets for £50.

Play and Indulge: A rewarding post-workout brunch at the hotel’s eclectic Rake’s Cafe Bar, playing New York Ballroom tunes. Work up the appetite for three courses and bottomless drinks. Brunch for one is priced at £55.

Play and Stay: Elevate the experience with a luxurious stay at a very special rate of £200, inclusive of breakfast, valid on 22nd June for CAPACITY Club ticket holders only.

To book email: marketing.londonliv@andaz.com

The Studio at Miyako
The Studio at Miyako

A monthly Sushi Masterclass experience is launching in The Studio at Miyako, for participants to learn how to master the art of sushi-making under the expert guidance of esteemed Head Chef Kosei Sakamoto. Up to 20 participants will delve into the intricate world of sushi preparation, learning the time-honoured techniques and trade secrets that define Chef Sakamoto’s culinary excellence.  Throughout the evening, guests will be taken on a two hour journey of the art of sushi, learning the techniques and skills to create seven types of Sushi, two types of Maki and Uramaki, one Hand Roll and one Dessert Mochi.

Masterclass tickets cost £59pp for early birds and £115pp for two people. Tickets can be purchased by emailing: miyako@andaz.com

differnt sushu rolls with wasabi sauce at Andaz London
The Studio at Miyako


Andaz London seamlessly blends the historical charm of its Victorian heritage with contemporary luxury and community engagement. From its stylish accommodations and renowned Miyako restaurant to its celebrity clientele and vibrant East London location, Andaz London offers a unique and enriching experience for all its guests. Whether you are visiting for business, leisure, or a special occasion, Andaz London promises an unforgettable stay.

Rooms start from £350.00 for bookings please see: https://www.hyatt.com/andaz/longe-andaz-london-liverpool-street

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