Apple breaching EU tech rules

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The tech company, Apple is currently in a battle with the European Union antitrust regulator as they are being accused of breaching EU rules as well as imposing large fees on other app developers.

They risk being charged with a large fine, as much as 10% of its annual global turnover unless they modify their terms and comply to the Digital Markers Act. The DMA have given them 12 months to comply and allow for alternative avenues for consumers.

The DMA put pressure on large tech companies to comply to the terms in order to give smaller firms a level playing field and discourage anti-competitive behaviour.

Apple are accused of blocking consumers from finding alternative and cheaper app’s in the businesses app store.


More than one investigation

The commission have also opened up an investigation into a new non-compliance procedure against Apple as they suspect its new contract terms for third-party app developers also breach DMA requirements.

The Guardian reports that Apple rolled out new fees in March in the EU including core tech fees to major app developers. This received backlash from the developer of Fortnite. It is stated that what Apple charges goes beyond what is necessary.

The DMA was created last year and this is their 6th investigation in total with three into Apple, two into Google and one into Meta. Their investigations aim to keep these large corporations and platforms in line with regulations that smaller corporations have to stick by.


Apple have reported they have made numerous changes in order to comply with the DMA and are confident they are doing what is necessary.

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