AI accounts spread misinformation about the election

AI generated videos and accounts have been circulating on Tik Tok spreading rumours and false information on the app to users. Whilst many can identify the content as fake, many others are being fed lies to support or vote against certain political parties in the UK election this year.


AI generated content

It is very easy now for people to set up fake accounts with fake information and even videos can be edited and made to seem genuine. Videos of political party leaders such as Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer have circulated on the app with creators generating the videos to portray false information as if those figures had said it themselves.

Videos of Rishi Sunak supposedly saying that he would give his “mates loads of dosh” if he won have been found on the app. As well as a statement that national service for 18 years would include front line service in current war zones such as, Ukraine and Gaza.

Videos of Keir Starmer allegedly having supported Jimmy Savile is an example of the unfounded claims being spread to impressionable young people and twisting their views and opinions.

As well as creating content, fake accounts created by AI have been commenting on videos with statements such as “Vote Reform UK” and for other parties too. These comments boost certain videos getting them on more algorithms. Additionally, comments can sway an impressionable user to other opinions which are based on false claims.


What many view as just satirical content could be harmful to the election as young people begin voting with no idea of what the parties stand for and any of their factual policies as AI generated content has become so advanced it is fooling so numerous users on social media.



What is Tik Tok doing about it?

A spokesperson for Tik Tok has told the BBC they have set in place systems to tackle the misinformation spreading on the app. Increased investment into countering the accounts includes, the addition of a fact checking expert for existing resources and employing an AI- labelling technology to spot the accounts and content as quickly as possible.

The app spokesperson has stated that 97% of videos with misinformation about elections and civic issues have been removed before they received any views.

This decreases the false information spread to users and allows people to receive only factual information.


Whilst social media can be a great source of information with direct access to real lives and experiences as well as educational content available too it can be harmful to believe and act from only one source.

Will the election be tarnished by AI?

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