What we do for our mental health

For mental health awareness month I asked the team what they do that helps them with their own mental health each week. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health and everyone’s methods look different which is why you need to find what works best for you.

Finding ways that help will prevent and reduce low moods, burnout, fatigue and much more.

Take a look at what we do for our mental health, this could give you ideas or could be the same as your methods.



For me I like to make sure I stay on top of exercising as this helps with my energy levels and makes me feel strong too knowing I can improve each week. I also make sure I take the time to make plans with friends whether that’s a movie night, a walk or a dinner at a new restaurant.



Adam makes time to play football, getting outside and playing a sport he enjoys, hopefully it helps his mental health win or lose!

Adam also gets the name of BBQ King for often hosting mega BBQ’s for his family and friends.



Reading a good book and getting outside for a walk helps Jacob to unwind. He chooses to take a break from technology as much as he can.



To really relax Dan likes to make himself a good coffee and listen to his chill playlist, music is a great way to reduce stress, blood pressure and improve your sleep and general mood.



Going for a daily walk helps Caitlin to clear her head of any stress and she can return home feeling good about her mood and her steps!



Learning meditation and breathing techniques whilst listening to music has given Jo a relaxation tool which she utilises when feeling stressed.



A fan of cold water therapy, Mark chooses to take a cold water plunge in the mornings, at least 5 times a week to keep up the tolerance and feel the full effects. There are so many benefits to cold water plunges such as, better sleep, immunity, mood and circulation.

Would you give this a go?

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