Your Summer in Paris

Why you should see Paris this summer

Pairs is home to various famous landmarks and romantic settings and this year the 2024 Olympics will begin on the 26th July filling Paris with even more festivities.

Paris in the summer offers long warm days of sunlight so you can explore the city and take day trips to beaches nearby. Paris is the third most visited city in the world with around 15 million visitors each year.

Visiting the Eiffel tower and the Louvre must be on your list but there are plenty of things to do during your stay in Paris this summer.


Evening dinner cruises

Enjoy an A la carte menu whilst cruising down the river Seine and enjoying the sights lit up at night.


Palace of Versailles Fountain shows

Hosted every Saturday through the summer months you can visit the Palace of Versailles during their fountain shows as they time the water to the rhythm of music with the backdrop of the Palace gardens.


Candlelit concerts

Being knowns as one of the most romantic cities, Paris delivers in this area with candlelit concerts. You can find them hosted at Sainte-Chapelle and many other beautiful churches. There will also be a choice of ballets and operas to enjoy in Paris if you want to immerse yourself in this magnificent world of art.


Outdoor Concerts

The summer months give way to plenty of activities and events including music and festivals in parks and gardens.

Parc Floral in Bois De Vincennes hosts multiples types of music festivals including those for children, night concerts and classical music in the gardens.

Many of the outdoor concerts will be free to stumble across where you can take a picnic and wine to enjoy.


Day trip to Normandy

Explore this historical region which will offer you an experience to gain insight as well as sights of the English channel from the cliffs at ponte-du-hoc.

Take this day to take a trip to the closest beach where you can soak up the sun and enjoy water activities in the sea at Deaville Beach.


The 2024 Olympics

The opening ceremony on the 26th July will be held by the river Seine as the athletes parade on boats sailing past iconic monuments for their 6km journey around Paris. This will only be able to be viewed with tickets.

The Olympics will commence on the 11th August so this could be a great summer trip this year to enjoy the atmosphere is one of the most visited cities in the world.


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