Top 7 generative AI consulting companies

Generative AI is everywhere. It has penetrated every industry and sector capturing the attention of the world.

However, while some organizations are fast-tracking the adoption and implementation of generative AI capabilities, most enterprises and companies are sitting on the fence trying to figure out how far they can take the technology and where it could deliver greater value. Very often, this can be quite frustrating. Enlisting the help of generative AI consulting companies to take advantage of the burgeoning technology has proven the right thing to do.  

We have researched the best generative AI consulting firms that help customers lead their industries by implementing generative AI tools. Let’s explore the top 7 generative AI consulting companies, the services they offer, and some examples of the generative AI solutions they’ve delivered.

The list of top 7 generative AI consulting companies


With over a decade of experience in artificial intelligence software development, ITRex has established itself as a pioneering generative AI consulting company. With its extensive technical knowledge and deep vertical expertise, ITRex assists Fortune 500 entities and startups across industries in designing, developing, and implementing new generative AI use cases. The company provides a full spectrum of generative AI consulting and development services, from giving guidance on Gen AI models to architecting custom generative AI tools. 

Since 2009, ITRex has turned countless AI visions into success stories. Examples of their Gen AI-powered solutions include a Gen AI app designed to accurately determine the authorship and authenticity of artworks, RPA bots for transaction screening and adverse news analysis, and an anomaly detection solution built to enhance safety in gaming rooms and reduce slot machine downtime.


With over 20 years of experience and 200+ Data, AI, and ML experts on board, N-iX rightfully deserves a spot on our list of the best generative AI consulting firms. The company prides itself on delivering top-notch Gen AI projects that help its clients propel innovation, overhaul operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Siemens, eBay, and Bosh are among their big-name clients. Their generative AI success stories include building a generative AI tool for creating marketing content for a global e-commerce solutions provider and developing an OpenAI-based solution for automated review generation.


LeewayHertz is another established player on our list. Their generative AI consulting services cover the entire spectrum, from strategy and development to implementation and maintenance. The company takes pride in developing robust custom generative AI solutions like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. Their generative AI expertise extends from data engineering to deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, image synthesis, reinforcement learning, and simulation.

Among its big-name clients are Siemens, Procter & Gamble, McKinsey & Company, and Hershey’s. Projects in their generative AI portfolio range from a custom LLM-powered app for compliance and security access to a project proposal generator for a leading consulting company, a GenAI-based clinical decision support system for an esteemed healthcare organization, and much more.


With 200+ in-house experts and 150+ projects completed, Geniusee has earned a place on our list of top generative AI consulting companies. The firm offers its consulting expertise across Gen AI realms, such as AI data preparation and training, Gen AI integration, customized Gen AI solutions development, and model selection and implementation.

Their expertise is proved by the world-known companies, such as AWS, Forbes, Plaid, and Clutch. Geniusee has delivered quite several AI projects, from an advanced content writing tool to an AI-powered question-based eLearning platform.


TheBlue is an innovative AI company with extensive domain expertise extending from in-depth technical knowledge to strategic consulting. The firm offers 360-degree generative AI consulting and development services helping companies build powerful AI applications with ChatGPT, Dall-E, or Stable Diffusin models.

The company prides itself on having many years of experience implementing AI projects for companies of all sizes. Their success stories span multiple industries, including healthcare and pharmacy, professional services and government, and manufacturing and automotive. Some of the examples of their featured projects are a Gen-AI powered virtual assistant for efficient document retrieval, a GPT-powered solution for business process automation, and a Gen AI tool for content summarization.

Softweb Solutions

With 545+ in-house experts and 1630+ projects delivered, Softweb Solutions is acknowledged as one of the top generative AI consulting companies. As the aforementioned firm, Softweb Solutions also focuses on delivering AI-related services. Their Gen AI services extend well beyond generative AI consulting, covering Gen AI strategy development, customized app development, LLM fine-tuning, generative AI model replication, model integration and model deployment. 

The company has helped smany tartups and Fortune 100 companies quickly realize the value of this transformative technology. Their featured Gen AI projects include improving security with computer vision for a facility management firm, transforming global insurance operations with customized generative AI solutions, and simplifying resume screening with Gen AI for a top staffing company.


Strong is a leading provider of custom machine learning software and solutions. Yet, their expertise goes beyond the realm of machine learning services, covering AI, computer vision, NLP, data science and analytics, data engineering, and generative AI consulting.

According to their website, they work with innovative organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Their portfolio includes projects completed for a variety of companies across multiple sectors, such as pharma, manufacturing, marketing, automotive, healthcare, agriculture, and more. Some of the examples of their success stories are building a forecasting tool to accurately predict daily ridership in Chicago and designing an AI-driven solution for restaurant operators to optimize restaurant inventory.

Wrapping it up

Generative AI holds enormous potential for organizations across all industries—it can help them fundamentally reinvent the way they work and the way their operational processes are orchestrated. Create the most powerful and innovative use cases by partnering with the best generative AI consulting company.



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