Billie Eilish sets the sustainable example with new album

Billie Eilish has announced her plan to create a sustainable album which will minimise her environmental impact. The 22 year old singer-songwriter is setting the example for the music industry to become more active in the sustainability movement.


The Album

The album, ‘Hit me hard and Soft’ will be released on the 17 May and the strategy in place is integrating Billie Eilish’s sustainability dreams

The vinyl records are being pressed onto recycled or eco-vinyl with all packaging being made from recycled materials.

They are using raw or plant-based ink and water based dispersion varnish. Instead of the usual shrink-wrap they are creating 100% recycled and re-usable album sleeves.

There will be 8 album variants released however, all 8 will have identical artwork and track-listing. This is in hopes of minimising the amount of purchases so fans only have to buy one album.


The rise in Vinyl sales

The sales of Vinyl albums has been increasing over the past few years as people become interested in physical media.

In 2023 Vinyl sales reached 5.9m units being sold in the UK alone reported by the BBC.

Fans are realising the direct support for their favourite artists by buying physical records as streaming services are known to pay artists little money.

Vinyl sales in 2024 are expected to reach $5.2b which is the highest since 1990.


Will others follow Billie’s sustainable footsteps?

The music industry has a large impact on the environment not only from the albums sold but also their touring, concerts and events.

Billie Eilish is hoping that other artists follow suit and take their impact seriously and create new ways to help.

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