1 Day in York

If you’re like me you are always looking for new places to see. The City of York is a historical destination with a must-see Cathedral as well as too many food stops to count.

A friend and I decided to use a Saturday last September to visit York and spend the day discovering a new City as neither of us had been before. The drive took us just under two hours, starting from Leicester and with company it didn’t feel like too long.

The York Roast

We arrived in time for lunch and we headed straight for The York Roast which, you can find their two York locations in the centre of the city.

A super-sized Yorkshire pudding filled with your choice of meat or nut roast, sauces, stuffing, veg, roast potatoes and don’t forget the pouring of gravy.

Our luck with the weather meant we headed over to the museum gardens to sit in the sun and eat our feast.

The Cathedral

When a city has a cathedral you can bet I will be in there, looking at the stained glass windows and climbing to the top too. York Minster is impressive inside and out. We paid the £24 so we could climb the tower, be warned there are 275 steps to get to the top but it was worth it for the panoramic views.


The Shambles

If you have seen anything of York It is probably ‘The Shambles’ which takes you into the past with the narrow cobbled street and the preserved medieval buildings. The street is believed to be the inspiration behind Diagon Alley in Harry Potter which explains the magical themed shops along the street.



Located right next to the Shambles Market which we wandered through admiring some of the hand-crafted finds and the beautiful flower stalls.


The City Wall

York is full of historical landmarks and this includes their city wall which has stood since Roman times. York’s city walls have miles still remaining and has more miles of intact wall than any other City in England!

We took a walk along the walls admiring the view of the city and planning our next dining spot.

We hopped off by the river to watch the sunset as you can’t beat the sun setting over water!


The evening

Saturday night in York became very busy with so many people in the bars and restaurants. We spotted a Polish restaurant which tempted us and the cosy interior welcomed us in. We had a great meal and decided to start the drive home.


I would definitely recommend York and as summer approaches I will be planning the next English city I can get to in a day.

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