Women’s sport on the rise for 2024

In 2023 we saw popularity for women’s sport take a significant increase including viewership, sponsorship and air time.

The Football world cup drove viewing figures through the roof in 2023 with global broadcast coverage and record-breaking viewership. The tournament included a sell-out crowd at Stadium Australia of 75,784 for the final of the World Cup between Spain and England.

Women’s sports in 2024

BBC Sport predicted that women’s sport will make £1bn in revenue for the first time in 2024. Finance experts at Deloitte, a huge contributor and supporter of women’s sports, estimate a £439m revenue from football and £280m from basketball this year.

The managing director of the Netball Super League, Claire Nelson says she is hoping to, “capitalise on this moment for women’s sport”

The more coverage and deals made for women’s sport then viewership can increase and popularity grows.

In 2024, the Olympics hosted in Paris will hold some truly great sportspeople. The Olympics have listed 5 women who should be watched. These include;  Simone Biles (Artistic gymnast), Janja Garnbret (climbing), Rayssa Leal (Skateboarding), Sha’Carri Richardson (Track and field athletics), Sun Yingsha (Table tennis).

Tune in this year to watch as women’s sport takes off, find when each event is here.


Sportspro media revealed that sponsorship deals for demale athletes has increased more than 22% year on year. Women’s Tennis Association is up by 34% and Women’s National Basketball Association has over 500 partnerships, an all time high.

A study from The Collective found that female athletes receive much better engagement and brand involvement than male athletes. Brands are finally seeing the value in having female athletes as brand ambassadors.

Gatorade made more than 50 deals with women’s leagues leading the way of bran deals in women’s sports

Nike has made the most deals with individual women athletes with 45 deals. Nike has also had the highest number of in-venue assets with women’s pro leagues, including NWSL, WNBA and Spain’s Liga F.

Limitations for Female Athletes

Female athletes do not get the same treatment and respect in the industry and that is shown by the research done for them.

Only 8% of sport research involves women-only sports and athletes.

The lack of research done on the physiology of women had lead on negative affects in many aspects from the footwear they have to wear to damaging injuries.

Football boots are not designed specifically for women, they are merely compressed versions of male boots. This means they do not work with the functioning of a female body and foot.

Female footballers are between 3-6 times more likely to have an ACL knee injury potentially taking them out of a whole season.

MSN revealed that 70% of girls will not be playing a sport by the end of puberty, this is double to amount of boys in the same age range. The support for girls to enter sports is lacking as well as research to help women understand what is best for them whilst they play and train makes it more of a challenge.

Perhaps with more coverage for women’s sport more young girls can see potential and be inspired to become active.

Action for women in sports

Title IX of the education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law which states that no person in the US can be excluded from participation or denied the benefits of any educational program on the basis of sex.

The National Girl and Women in sports day annually on the 7th February. This began in 1987 to bring attention to the women in sports and now honours their achievements as well as inspires those now to pick up a sport and become active.


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