Ses-ImagoTag Becomes Vusion.Com

Well, SES-imagotag announced that it has changed its name to VusionGroup.

The group explains that the name choice upholds the central part of the software platform that has been developed by the company in recent years to support the merchants to ease the digital transformation process for them. Now, the new name will embody several solutions and product lines that are offered by the company and have successfully led the digitization of commerce.

What Will Change Now?

The name change to Vusion was a result of a resolution that was voted on by the respected shareholders of the company at the last Annual General Meeting. The meeting was held on 23 June, 2023. According to the updated resolution, SESimagotag will remain the name of the main product division of the Group which is a leader and pioneer in the domain of ESL (Electronic Shelf Label). Moreover, it will continue to operate with the other brands and solutions of the brand which are VusionCloud, Memory (data analytics) PDidigital (logistics and industrial solutions), Engage (retail media and in-store advertising, and Captana. Captana is a platform that is powered by AI and computer vision technology.

The VusionGroup incorporates six different families of solutions that harness the full power of different technologies like Cloud, Data, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, for the modernization of commerce.

The new choice of the name Vusion revolved around the Retail IoT Cloud platform that has been developed over the few past years by the experts of the company to support the retailers in the digitalization of the physical stores.

According to Thierry Gadou (Chairman and CEO of VusionGroup), the whole group has gone through an evolution in recent years. It has moved from a leader and trailblazer in ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels) to a diversified Group that is now covering a wide array of solutions that contribute towards the digitalization of commerce. Their main ESL product is going through an adoption phase and turning into a mainstream technology. Besides this, the Group is now entering new and high-potential markets where they are going to expand the digitalization of commerce.

Mission and Vision of the company

Over the last 30 years, The VusionGroup has emerged as a trusted retail partner for brands and retailers. Their accurate digital technology enables omnichannel synchronization of product information and prices. This helps replenish shelves and online order-picking with the same level of productivity. VusionGroup carried the mission of inventing different technologies that help in creating a positive impact on society by utilizing human-centred and sustainable commerce.

They are working hard by harnessing the power of cloud, IoT, and AI technologies to transform all the physical retail stores into the best high-value digital assets. With this, the stores are becoming quite data-driven, automated, and consumer-connected. Not just this, the suppliers are also able to impart a personalized shopping experience backed by awesome customer service and excellent data privacy and integrity. This will help in the amazing retail digitalization with enhanced collaboration between both retailers and suppliers. This will not only ameliorate the overall sustainability but also improve safety and transparency.

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