Rolls Royce Spectre: The first in their electric car portfolio

The prophecy is fulfilled, the car industry has competition and Rolls Royce has developed their most powerful car yet.

The Rolls Royce Spectre is the successor to the Phantom Coupe, an electric car bringing luxury to technology. Rolls Royce have set an aim to have their entire model portfolio electrified by 2030 with the Spectre starting this era off in style.

H.R. Owen point out the subtle differences from the Phantom Coupe create,

“Changes and optimisations result in a drag-coefficient of just 0.25cd, making it the most aerodynamically efficient Rolls-Royce ever produced.”

The Spectre has taken over two years to be developed and more than 10,000 collective hours working on this car. Business Insider report that the car is selling for upwards of $420,000 as the car can be personalised by each buyer adding on design features and owning a car tailored to the individual.

Spectre in Motion

The electric range goes from 311-329 miles/ 500-530 KM. With the average range in electric cars being around 200 miles, the Spectre can take you further.

Going from 0-60 MPH in 4.4 seconds and the top speed being 155 MPH the Spectre will give you speed in comfort.

The Technology incorporated

The Spectre takes convenience and ease to new heights with technology and AI assisted functions to allow you to control your car from a simple press of a button.

With 141,200 sender- receive functions, over 25,000 sub-functions and 10 driver assistance systems, the Spectre has gone above and beyond in technology fuelled driving in leisure.

Eleanor is the tech companion you’ve always wanted, it will activate the massage seat, find your nearest charging port when you need it and do it with ease.

Whisper is the owners only app, you can manage your temperature, lock/unlock the car, and have a curated list of restaurant recommendations in your area. All of this and more can be done from your phone, gone are the days of getting into a freezing cold car or running back to check if you locked it.

You can receive live information as you drive, avoiding congestion or road closures ahead of time.

Photo by Automotive Rhythms on Flickr

Design details

-The first car to have 23” wheels.

– Aluminium space frame underpinning the model.

– 1.5M length doors – the largest car doors to be made ensuring a smooth movement to get in and out.

– A brand new colour option, Chartreuse which replicates the French liqueur.

– Two toned panels, a lengthening panel on the top to make the car appear in motion.

– Starlight interior option, the signature design of Roll Royce with each ‘star’ positioned by hand replicating a sense of movement within.

– Pristine leather seats and back seats which surround you in comfort for a ride you won’t want to end.


You can tailor your car to your preferences and be on the list to receive this new electric car making headway in the industry.

In the next decade we will experience more luxurious developments from Rolls Royce and their journey with electric vehicles.

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