Top restaurants in the world to visit

If you are looking for a dining experience to top the rest, a meal that you won’t stop thinking about, then these should be at the top of the list. With accolades including being the top 5 greatest restaurants in the world these eateries will show you new ways of cooking and eating.

Travel to these restaurants and you won’t be disappointed with each one sounding like an experience to remember.

Central, Lima

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Located in Lima, the capital city of Peru which is rated highly as a culinary destination along with being the political, cultural, financial, and commercial centre of Peru.

Central was first opened in 2008 using Peruvian ingredients and cooking techniques of the country. Then, in 2018 the restaurant moved to a more spacious building in the Barranco neighbourhood in Lima. In 2013 the restaurant was NO.50 on The World’s Best Restaurant list and now it is the first South American eatery to be NO.1 on the list.

They offer more than a meal, instead this would be a Peruvian experience using inspiration from the sea level to the Andean Mountains. With a 14-course meal and a perfect pairing of wine or non-alcoholic drink to complement each dish the experience will be worth every second.

Disfrutar, Barcelona

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With the title of the best restaurant in Europe and modern approaches to a dining experience, Disfrutar would definitely be an exciting booking. Disfrutar has been awarded 3 Michelin stars, one of the few restaurants with multiple stars.

The restaurant offers a special menu table they call, ‘The Living Table’ possible with advance booking for up to 6 people. The meal will be catered and unique for the entire table leaving each guest with a personalised encounter.

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The chefs at Disfrutar boast a modern, innovative menu which changes a couple of times through the year and they are motivated to evoking pure emotion from each guest when they dine.

Diverxo, Madrid

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Another Spanish City offering an exceptional dining option. The chef here pushes gastronomic boundaries being unpredictable and creative. Their tasting menu is 12 courses covering a range of flavours deriving from all areas with a strong Asian influence.

The restaurant opened in 2007 and the owner and chef, Dabiz Munoz was the second-youngest person ever to earn three Michelin stars. A look at the Diverxo website gives you a taste of the wild and unique experience you can expect whilst dining.

Asador Etxebarri, Atxondo

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We are travelling to the north of Spain, the Basque region for this next restaurant where you will be surrounded by the beauty that comes with this area.

The chef, Bittor Arguizoniz grew up in a house not far from where his restaurant is today and his childhood of cooking over the hearth has become his speciality. Arguizoniz uses wood to cook everything from meat and fish to the desserts and with this method has claimed honours such as, the Chef’s Choice Award.

Visit Asador Etxebarri for a great meal with a spectacular view where the chef uses his own method and skill to cook to perfection.

Alchemist, Copenhagen

This restaurant was the winner of the Gin Mare, Art of Hospitality Award in 2023 and the service matches the food and the ambience. Sat in a dome shaped roof where the scenery changes throughout your time there.

The restaurant is located in a former industrial site in the harbour of Copenhagen which was originally an island but is now connected to the mainland. Once you get there you will find the doors that lead you into your evening at the Alchemist.

They offer an experience lasting between 4-6 hours where they only require “curiosity and presence of mind.” At the Alchemist they believe in holistic cuisine drawing upon not only the food but theatre, art, science, and technology to create an immersive sensory experience.

Take a look for yourself at this ‘more than the food’ restaurant and visit the Alchemist.

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