New Technology Announced at CES 2024

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show held in Las Vegas this January and was as always, a showcase of the latest, innovative technological advances. There were over 4000 exhibitors and more than 130,000 attendees at the show this year, rising again after COVID-19 levels. The show included 1200 startups, a sure way for them to be able to network and give their company a platform in front of various global leaders in technology.

Included in the exhibitors were Amazon, Google, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, L’oreal and more in this closed-off event for businesses only. The CES is the world’s largest, audited Technology event that is held in person. The Independent emphasises the scale of networking being done here as any person at the show will have on average 29 different meetings a day for the duration of the show.

The themes this year

Each year there is something that businesses are directing their attention towards due to the demand from the public or because of what new technologies can do now. Here are some of the themes we see in the technology being created.

AI – In the last few years we have seen AI storm ahead and more and more companies directing their resources to creating new forms of generative AI.

Sustainability – There is no way of getting around this now and it is realised that green procedures align with the current needs of the public.

Health Care Solutions – The need to support the health care industry is undeniable and with technology, this could be done. There is an urgent need for assistance, the understaffed nurses and doctors, and the overflowing hospitals worsening over the last few years showed everyone that the healthcare industry is drowning so technology being created to help this isn’t only not surprising but perhaps, necessary too.

Home technology encouraging convenience – With new technology comes new ways to do things and homeware is not left out. We can turn our lights off by telling a machine to do it, hoover our floors by telling a machine to do it and 2024 will bring even more convenience to the home. With AI and ChatGPT doing it all for us the creators at CES this year have been able to take this even further.

Technology highlights of CES 2024

With so many new devices and announcements this year this is a small selection of the best.

WIM by WiRobotics

This is a wearable robot that facilitates greater mobility with a safe and powerful assist force. The device can analyse the user’s gait in real time to support them further. Built-in is an AI coaching program that analyses the user’s long-term musculoskeletal data and reinforces walking performance.

GyroGlove By GyroGear

This device was created to stabilise hand tremors and to restore the quality of life for people who suffer. Designed for everyday use, the GyroGlove uses assistive technology featuring a high-performance gyroscope.

This is believed to be the first mechanical gyroscope medical device. Bringing healthcare and technology together to create an innovative device to support people who suffer and to allow them an easier life with the GyroGlove.

Odyssey and Odyssey Pro smart telescopes

Unisteller revealed their new smart telescopes this year, designed to make stargazing and capturing images of the night sky that much easier. They are fitted with ‘autonomous field detection technology’ which helps to locate the astronomical objects and creates a much clearer view. The telescope creates an easy way to know what’s above you and with their app you can keep track of what you see and share the pictures with friends too.

LG’s transparent OLED TV

Bringing science fiction ideas to reality this see-through TV is designed to seamlessly blend into your room. It is 77 inches which won’t block any views or ruin the look of your interior. LG plans to launch this device but has not specified a release date or a price yet.

Swarovski’s animal-identifying smart binoculars

This device does exactly as the name implies and is as clever as you think. Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts or if you want to impress the group with your new knowledge. The 10×32 binoculars use built-in AI to identify species of birds, insects and mammals and will show you the name too. The binoculars not only have the identification setting, and a compass but can also store up to 1700 photos with their 4k camera.

They are set to be released in February and will cost $4,799.

Amazfit Helio Ring

We have seen smartwatches sky rocket in popularity in the last few years and in 2024 it could be the rise of the smart ring. At CES this year, the Helio ring was announced and is competing with the rest. It is made with ‘skin-friendly’ titanium weighing less than 4g. The ring will have a sleep tracker and also help you track your exercise. As always the incorporation of AI, with an accompanying app which allows you to record the data and get weekly and monthly reports.


Technology is advancing year after year and at CES all the best make their debut. It will be a year of extraordinary innovation with much more to come.

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