Here’s Why CEOs Should Consider Private Security

As the world becomes a more unstable and dangerous place to be, many CEOs are thinking about their personal risk and how they can reduce the chances of being a victim of crime.

Ultra-high net-worth individuals like CEOs are commonly turning to private security firms to provide additional protection and a feeling of reassurance.

As a CEO, it can feel like you have a target on your back. You need to be visible for your company profile, but this visibility puts you in the line of fire. It can make some CEOs feel very exposed and might lead them to avoid certain

Creates a visual deterrent

Having a security guard by your side will help to reduce the chance of an opportunistic attack. This is one in which the criminal has not necessarily targeted you specifically, but they have spotted you and recognised an opportunity. You might have expensive accessories, an expensive car or expensive equipment that criminals want to get their hands on. To help prevent this, working with private security guarding services can offer peace of mind.

Allows you to live a normal life

Simple things like going to the shops or taking your child to school can feel more threatening when you are a high-profile CEO. There might be disgruntled employees or competitors who feel they need to seek revenge, or you might simply attract mentally unstable individuals with strong opinions about your company and what you do.

Regardless of the threat, you can enjoy a sense of normalcy by having a security guard by your side.

Peace of mind when travelling

You would be right to be concerned when travelling. Being in another part of the world can put you outside of your comfort zone. You might be at greater risk of kidnapping and theft when you are travelling for business or pleasure.

Private security can help you to feel more confident and secure when you travel. It could also allow you to bring your family with you on international trips without worrying about their safety and security. While the risk of something happening is low, it’s better to be safe.

Control access

When you’re an important person, many people will believe they are entitled to your time. One of the simplest ways that private security can provide protection is by controlling access to you and ensuring only those who have booked an appointment to meet with you can get close.

It might seem like overkill to have private security just to provide a gatekeeper service, but you will quickly learn how much of a nuisance it can be to turn people away as they try to demand your time.

Protect your company

It’s not only CEOs that are at risk. Criminals might also target their companies and could use high-profile CEOs and their family members to coordinate attacks. A stolen mobile phone could be used to gain access to sensitive access information, which could then be used to coordinate further attacks.

Many companies will require their CEOs to at least consult with a private security company to carry out a risk assessment and determine if their services are required. This risk assessment will commonly reveal that multiple areas of weakness could be exploited by criminals.

Assist with other tasks

A private security guard might offer additional value by offering extra services such as driving. Having a security guard who is also a driver will not only help to keep you secure and minimise the risk of carjackings, but it will also deliver additional value for your company. This is a special branch of security guard training, so you can expect a close protection guard of this stature to be highly experienced, possibly in the police or military.

Peace of mind for your family

It’s not only CEOs who can benefit from close protection, their family members might also appreciate the additional security. It can be daunting to be the parent, spouse or child of a high-profile CEO. These individuals might feel they have a target on their back to their position of influence and their access to wealth. To help provide peace of mind for family members, close protection and home monitoring should be considered to keep everyone safe.

Closing thoughts

Close protection for CEOs offers more benefits than downsides. While it might be an additional cost for the company to shoulder, the potential benefits will far outweigh the costs. Close security can help to minimise and eliminate the risk of theft, kidnapping and threatening behaviour. It can help CEOs and their family members to lead more normal lives that are not controlled or influenced by the threat of crime. CEOs will also have the added benefit of only coming into contact with pre-vetted individuals, which can help to save precious time.

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