Eduard Boev Spoke About the Upcoming Launch of a Unique Marketing Project

To promote companies, startups, or a personal brand effectively, one of the main conditions is successful marketing.

It permits to reach a good level of visibility on the internet, attracts attention, and generates interest from the audience. One of the proven tools for promoting a personal brand or project is a one-page website or landing page: a concise and at the same time informative way of presenting information.

Solutions for developing landing pages with guaranteed high results are offered by the project, which belongs to the marketer, PR specialist, and successful businessman Eduard Boev. We had a conversation with Eduard about the project itself, as well as how his career was built.

Eduard, the first question that comes to mind is: why exactly do you focus mainly on a personal brand, because, as far as I understand, this is the main direction of your agency?

The first thing we focused on when creating our service was unique client stories that tell as directly and clearly as possible about professionals: lawyers, doctors, athletes, musicians, artists, etc. It doesn’t matter in what field a person has established himself as a professional. The story of any success deserves attention and can become an example for those who are just starting their journey in a particular field.

How deep is the level of landing page development that you offer? After all, when people hear the word landing page, they just think mainly about a typical page for advertising purposes.

I would like to immediately note that landing, like many other advertising tools, has bigger potential than just a bright page. We speak about various multi-level solutions with different depths of information processing. The popularity of landing pages is based on their conciseness and high level of visualization, the ability to use various media solutions to attract attention to a product or personality.

Our project involves three levels:

  • A classic landing page that can include up to 10 independent thematic blocks.
  • A storytelling-based approach to landing pages with an emphasis on personal branding.
  • Animated storytelling approach, which is a visual journey into the image of a person or business.

Any solution that offers can be tailored to a person, a company, a startup, or a project.

Do you just create landing pages or do you also promote them?

Our agency’s service cannot and does not end with the development of landing pages only. The list of services will also include marketing promotion. The company will use marketing techniques and the capabilities of advanced advertising tools to increase traffic and visibility of personal brands on the internet: reputation, organic audience growth, and attraction of attention largely depend on this. Nowadays, no business or personal project can do without it.

Where does such confidence in success and one’s own strengths come from? What is it based on?

Of course, couldn’t have come out of thin air. The experience and professional skills that I have acquired over the years of my career help me personally guarantee high results for each project.

Will you Tell us how your career was built before

After receiving a higher education (I am a marketer by my education), I decided to focus on areas without which it is difficult to imagine modern marketing: PR, copywriting, and advertising. Already at my first job, during an internship at the PR firm Porter Novelli, I was lucky to take part in the Coca-Cola advertising campaign for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. You know, it’s very nice to know that thanks to your concept of the advertising campaign, sales of the brand’s drinks in the Russian Federation increased by 9%.

The next stage was my work in the Russian division of the American marketing agency Grey Group, NY – GREY Moscow. Here my responsibilities included developing advertising campaigns, creating scripts for commercials, localizing content, and copywriting for such giants as General Motors, Gillette, MasterCard, etc. It was a very rewarding experience!

As part of cooperation with the marketing company EMG, I created and organized events for employees of the IKEA branch in the Russian Federation (MEGA company) and Coca-Cola. Working in the field of event management helped me understand how the interaction of members of large teams in global companies gets organized.

During an almost three-year (from 2018 to 2021) online internship as a PR specialist for the American jewellery company Alex Soldier, I developed advertising content for promoting unique products worn by Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lewis Hamilton, and other celebrities. Alex Soldier is a regular participant in iconic events such as the Met Gala and Grammy Awards, and working in this company is a separate small reason for self-esteem.

Have your professional skills been confirmed by any professional associations?

In 2015, I entered the top 15 creative professionals (rating done by the Association of Creative Agencies of Russia) and became a member of the Art Directors Club of Russia. Since 2016, I have been a permanent member of the club’s expert council and a member of the jury of the club competition in the field of design, advertising, and creativity ADCR Awards. In January 2023, I joined the American Marketing Association, a professional association for marketers with more than 30,000 members and 76 chapters in the United States of America.

I know that you have a good reputation not only as an excellent marketer but also as a video editor and even a sound designer. Will you please tell us about it?

As it was already mentioned above, marketing is a combination of a lot of different tools that can increase the popularity, recognition, and demand of a product or personality. I have always been interested in how all areas of the advertising business work, including its media component. That is why, I have mastered such areas as video editing and sound design. I hope my efforts were not in vain.

For example, in 2018, I received a gold medal at the Madrid International Film Festival in the category “Best Sound Design” for my contribution to the feature film “Afreen”. It was a very exciting work.

Are there any significant projects in your career that you would like to mention separately?

While working at the GREY Moscow, I created the idea for a project of online lessons on how to protect yourself against internet fraud and protection against money theft on the internet. I also took a direct part in the development of the project itself, which was called “One Dollar Lesson.” This unique animated work turned out to be extremely successful, and its website won 11 prestigious international awards, this is the best confirmation that my efforts and the experience gained were not in vain!

Thank you very much for the conversation and good luck with your project!

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