Forrest Weldon Law Group Delivers Justice With $1.56 Billion Victory in Bayer Roundup Trial

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Bayer–In a groundbreaking legal victory, Forrest Weldon Law Group successfully delivered justice for victims poisoned by Bayer’s Roundup weedkiller, with a Missouri jury on Friday awarding $1.56 billion to plaintiffs.

The case centered around plaintiffs Daniel Anderson, Jimmy and Brenda Draeger, Valorie Gunther and their decades of exposure to Roundup weedkiller, with Forrest Weldon attorneys representing the plaintiffs. Evidence from the trial brought to light the egregious negligence of Bayer as it continues to sell its Roundup weedkiller following documented cases of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma tied to glyphosate exposure.

This is the fourth consecutive trial verdict in favor of injured Roundup plaintiffs in as many weeks. Plaintiffs have been awarded $1.25 million, $175 million, and $332 million respectively in those other litigations.

In addition to failure to warn, the jury found Bayer responsible for design defect and negligence. After hearing arguments and closely examining the evidence, the jury sided with the plaintiffs and awarded $1.56 billion in a landmark decision and one of the largest jury awards of 2023.

“We applaud the jury in its relentless pursuit of the truth. And most of all, we honor the plaintiffs who dared to stand up and courageously cast light into the shadows of a powerful corporation,” said Bart Rankin, Partner at Forrest Weldon. “Their bravery is a beacon of hope to all who seek restoration, and a reminder of how the voice of truth can resonate powerfully in the halls of justice.”

Rankin continued, “The court’s verdict is not just a triumph of justice; it’s a clarion call to Bayer, making it clear that no entity can escape accountability. This is the first of many victories as we continue to seek justice for thousands of innocent victims.”

Plaintiffs were represented by Forrest Weldon as lead counsel, Duncan Stubbs, and Clement, Van Ronzelen & Schulte.

Attorneys for Forrest Weldon are available for immediate comment.

If you’re an individual suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma caused by Roundup, please visit to learn more about how to take action.

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