Who is Tim Gurner?

Tim Gurner is a name that has become synonymous with the Australian real estate and property development industry. Rising through the ranks as one of Australia’s most successful and youngest property developers, Gurner’s story is as fascinating as it is inspirational. Beyond his property ventures, Gurner is often in the spotlight for his candid remarks about work ethics and the dynamics between employers and employees; read on for more…


Early Life and Career


Born in Melbourne, Australia, Tim Gurner began his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. But it wasn’t always about real estate. Gurner originally stepped into the business world with ventures in health and fitness. However, his transition into property development was where he truly found his calling.


Founding Gurner™


In 2013, Gurner founded Gurner™, a luxury apartment development company based in Melbourne. The company quickly established a reputation for building high-end residential developments across Australia’s major cities. Through a combination of striking architectural designs, premium finishes, and strategic site acquisitions, Gurner™ quickly gained a significant market share in the luxury apartment sector.


Controversies and Media Appearances


Like many influential figures, Gurner has had his fair share of controversies. He drew significant media scrutiny and sparked public discourse with his remarks on young individuals’ expenditure patterns, notably suggesting that avoiding purchases like avocado toast and coffee could enable them to afford houses. His statements, receiving a spectrum of reactions, highlighted larger discussions on generational wealth disparities and obstacles confronting young Australian homebuyers. Recently, Gurner stirred discussions with his observations on post-COVID-19 work attitudes, suggesting a decline in work ethics affecting productivity at the AFR Property Summit, Australia. A video capturing these comments has since gone viral, accumulating nearly 24 million views, available on X. Gurner goes on the say that employment should rise by 40-50%, commenting, ‘We need to see pain in the economy’. After the social media backlash, Gurner has since gone on to say on his LinkedIn profile, ‘At the AFR Property Summit this week, I made some remarks about unemployment and productivity in Australia that I deeply regret and were wrong.’


Philanthropy and Beyond


Beyond his business endeavours and controversial comments, Tim Gurner has shown a commitment to philanthropy and community support. He’s been involved in various charitable initiatives, contributing to the broader Australian community and international causes. This aspect of his life paints a more holistic picture of Gurner, suggesting a deep-seated belief in giving back and making a positive impact beyond the realms of real estate.




While Gurner’s journey is still very much in progress, his influence on the Australian real estate landscape is undeniable. From reshaping urban skylines with his luxury developments to igniting discussions on homeownership and generational wealth, Gurner has etched his name into the annals of the Australian property market. With continued growth and an expanding portfolio, the future holds much promise for this dynamic developer.


Final Thoughts


Tim Gurner’s story offers valuable insights into ambition, perseverance, and the intricacies of the real estate industry. While he remains a divisive figure for some, his success and influence in the Australian property market cannot be overlooked. As with many influential figures, his legacy will be shaped by his business achievements and his impact on broader societal discussions.

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