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CEO Today speaks with Confidence and Empowerment Coach, Einav Avni

In our exclusive interview with Einav Avni, Confidence & Empowerment Coach and founder of Untangled Coaching,  she shares her journey from IT to coaching, the importance of overcoming fear, and how confidence and empowerment are crucial in the professional world. Discover how her coaching methodology helps individuals unlock their true potential. 


Einav, as a Confidence & Empowerment Coach, can you give us a brief overview of your coaching journey and what led you to start Untangled Coaching? 


Before starting my coaching journey, I worked in IT as a User Experience Designer. I loved that job, and as a freelancer, I got to meet so many different people, working on so many cool projects. Ten years in though, I had an inclination that coaching might be the thing for me, and so I jumped ship and went on to do my training course. 

In my training, I came across the concept of the Mind-Body Connection, and I just knew I had to do that with my clients. However, it very quickly became apparent that I wasn’t ready to work with people suffering from chronic pain. I shifted my attention to working with people on understanding the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that were holding them back. 



What is the primary philosophy or guiding principle that underpins your coaching practice at Untangled Coaching? 


My guiding principle is that everything we want is on the other side of fear. When we understand that fear is the way our negative voice keeps us safe, we also learn that we have a choice – listen to the fear and desert our efforts or listen to our higher knowing and do it anyway!  


Our negative voice tells us lies that latch on to our deepest fears to keep us inside of our comfort zone. This voice needs us to do today exactly what we did yesterday (we survived, didn’t we?), and so as soon as we want to branch out, the lies begin.  


The trick is to anticipate in advance that fear will come – not because you are bound to fail, but because you haven’t done that before… 


In your opinion, why are confidence and empowerment so crucial in today’s professional environment? 


Too often, I come across teams that are only functioning at the surface level, but when you start looking at the individuals, you see insecurities, fears, imposter syndromes and doubts that could very easily be mitigated and turned into strengths. Still, for some reason, Management won’t invest in their teams’ confidence and empowerment.  


Confidence and Empowerment are crucial because we are all unique and we each have gifts, talents and unparalleled views to draw from in the workplace. When we don’t feel safe to be ourselves and see ourselves as worthy, we end up diluting our messages and our strength and don’t give others a chance to see what we bring to the table and why we’re important to be kept and nurtured. It becomes a vicious circle that elicits stress and unhappiness, not to mention dysfunctional teams and poor performances. 


What are the common barriers you see in individuals who struggle with self-confidence and empowerment, and how does your coaching help overcome these? 


The common barriers are the need to conform and be like everyone else. People are too worried about fitting in than being the true stars that they are. In my coaching, I help people see that when they shy away from their true gifts, they rob themselves and the company of the real talents they bring with them. I help them find ways to speak up and own their true selves. I work with them to see that they are better than what they allow themselves to believe and how to start shining where they once shied away. 


How do you measure progress or success in your coaching sessions? 


A lot of the work is measured by reports of change in how my clients were before vs. how they are now. People notice their attitude changes and that they truly feel more empowered, and when they do, their teams and companies notice them more.  


In what ways does your coaching methodology extend beyond the coaching sessions to help individuals maintain their confidence and empowerment in everyday life?


My clients have access to me in between coaching sessions because I believe that sometimes real growth moments happen outside of the sessions, and when my clients need my support – I am there for them. My clients always tell me they have my voice in their heads even when we finish working together because I help them look at life in a completely new way through the work we do. 


How do you envision the future of Untangled Coaching? What are your plans for growth and development? 


Just over a year ago, I decided to go back to my old passion of the Mind-Body Connection and became certified in the energy healing modalities of the Emotion and Body Codes. Nowadays, alongside my coaching work, I work a lot with people suffering from chronic pain, illnesses, or unexplained medical conditions to heal or reduce their symptoms. I combine in this work the core belief I spoke about earlier, that fear is one of the biggest elements that keep us stuck, and also work on the basis that every physical ailment has an emotional basis. – this fits into the empowerment work I’ve always done with people. 


For our readers who may not be familiar with the concept of these energy healing modalities, please explain what energy healing is and how it works. 


The Emotion and Body Code energy healing modalities, work on the premise that we are all energy. As such, when we go through emotional events or trauma that we don’t process, the energy of these becomes trapped in our energy field, causing us to feel pain and discomfort.  


The idea is that as we release the trapped emotions and imbalances, we slowly restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself, something it struggles with when we are full of blockages. These blockages cause all sorts of trouble – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and when we clear them, fascinating results are noticed. 


How does energy healing complement and enhance your coaching practice at Untangled Coaching?  


I now offer two types of work: the coaching I mentioned earlier, and the healing, in which I combine both coaching and healing. It means that not only do I help people release their blockages, but I also help them find where in their lives they haven’t been operating out of alignment and harmony and bring more of what truly calls them into being. There is no end to what people can do when they finally believe they are limitless, and limitless can only come when fear is no longer viewed as a valid reason to ‘not doing’. 



Einav has also published four ebooks titled: 


Finding your authentic voice at the workplace 

You are limitless: play to your strengths 

Communication styles that work 

Believe it! You are good enough 


To learn more about Einav visit: 

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