Contemporary artist TETSUTARO KAMATANI, managed by Qualite, to participate in the Chelsea Flower Show

The art of 80,000 flies that will eventually decay

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Up-and-Coming Japanese Contemporary Artist, KAMATANI TETSUTARO

Exhibiting the Spirit of Zen at the traditional Chelsea Flower Show

The art of 80,000 flies that will eventually decay

Called “Moss man” by the Queen ElizabethⅡ, the Eight-time Gold Award winner Dr. Ishihara, who is an integral part of the Chelsea Flower Show, will tackle the theme of biophilic in 2023. The Biophilic Garden features a tea room by Kengo Kuma, one of Japan’s leading world-class architects, and the tea room is decorated by Tetsutaro Kamatani, a contemporary artist based in Japan and Boston.

“80,000 Flies Combine New Views of Nature and Aesthetics”

When you look at Kamatani’s work, you will see something that shines and wriggles countless times behind a jet-black background like a glass surface. There are 80,000 flies trapped inside.

Kamatani believes that symbiosis with nature is not about creating a comfortable nature, but when the dichotomous framework of “nature and human beings,” “living things and inanimate things,” “life and death,” “beauty and ugliness,” and so on, which people have set up on their own, are expressed in a single painting in such a way that they become meaningless, a new “beauty” is created through the fusion of human beings and nature. When a new “beauty” emerges, people may face nature and become aware of their oneness with nature for the first time. This is the combination of a new view of nature and a new sense of beauty. Kamatani’s work does not end there. The fly is hardened with resin, and the screen will eventually crack and crumble from the inside. However, Kamatani publishes this process as NFT art. This work is an attempt to express the spirit of Japanese “wabi-sabi,” which takes a positive view of all things that decay with time, in a tangible form using NFT technology. In addition, the work expresses “real and digital” and “the passage of time that cannot be expressed by AI.

Chelsea Flower Show : 23-27 May 2023
Kamatani’s show schedule: 22(Reception day), 23 & 27 May 2023 (*Interview is available with a prior contact)


Just as the Habsburgs (1273-) gave patronage to artists such as Joseppe Arcimboldo, Albrecht Dürer, and other masters, Kamatani similarly received patronage for his activities in the United States from Archduke Geza von Habsburg. Grand Duke Geza is a contemporary art professional who served as the European Chairman of Christie’s Auctions for more than 20 years.

On the recommendation of the Grand Duke, he has signed a contract with PELLAS GALLERY in Boston (2020-2023), which is managed by PELLAS IV, one of the world’s most prestigious collectors. All of his works are owned by private collectors and companies around the world, and the waiting list is always more than 40 people with a three-year wait.


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