Improving Your Multichannel Content with Multilingual Solutions

Content is still king if you want to market your business effectively.

That’s why visionary leaders understand that a company that seeks new markets has much to gain from expanding its content strategy with multilingual solutions and translation services. Such solutions will help reduce the barriers to communication with an international audience and help to build trust for your brand within these markets.  

Types of Multichannel Content

A smart content strategy requires consistent messaging and branding across multiple channels. This requires engaging audiences in their language via the marketing channels they most interact with, including: 

  • Your company’s website
  • Guest posts you publish on other websites
  • Google and display ads
  • Email campaigns 
  • Social media 
  • Print media
  • Radio and television

Unifying your messaging across these various channels requires careful planning. Produce content that reads and sounds as if a native speaker created it. Any wording that feels “off” to a native speaker will build distrust of your company’s ability to provide excellent products and services. 

Multilingual Capacity in Multichannel Marketing

To ensure that your marketing messages genuinely resonate with customers in their local language, incorporating translation service with Unbabel is a smart first step. The ability to produce content in multiple languages gives your business a strong competitive edge in any market, particularly if you want to take your company global.  

When you combine multilingual capabilities with multichannel marketing, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish through your branding and marketing campaigns. The message you relay on your website can be shared and reiterated across multiple channels, increasing brand reputation, customer loyalty, and the reach of your marketing efforts.  

The Power of Unification

Additionally, intelligent content marketing involves strategizing your messaging to make it consistent across channels. Having a stunning company website is one thing. Still, if the words and phrases on your website don’t connect with audiences viewing it in different languages, it’s useless for those audiences. Multilingual solutions solve this quickly, giving your content creators time to focus on creating content rather than translating the work into multiple languages. 

The same is true for social media marketing efforts. Due to the ease of using social media for customer questions, feedback, and concerns, companies that create a solid social media strategy do so by ensuring several things. First, they ensure that questions and feedback are responded to quickly and professionally. Second, they ensure that the responses given are provided in the native tongue of the person inquiring and written in such a way that builds the company’s reputation. 

Remember, your language has a lot of power, and people will read nuances into words you might not have intended—even if you’re speaking in your native tongue. For this reason, switching the language of your message opens up multiple opportunities for you to miscommunicate intention or falsely advertise your service or product offerings. This only harms the trust you are trying to build with your potential customers through your marketing efforts. 

Making Multichannel Content Work for You

The most important thing to remember is that your customers are paying careful attention to what you say in your advertising efforts. You have to woo them with the words you use, and using the wrong vocabulary or sentence construction is a quick way to fail. Avoid this mistake and start using simple multilingual solutions today.

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