How to Increase Conversion of Your Sales Calls? 

Sales conversion remains something that many companies want to improve. Here's what you can do to improve your sales call center.

Establishing a good rapport with potential buyers is always difficult, whether you’re making sales calls, emailing them, or texting them about your company. The success of a sales call depends on a huge number of factors. First of all, it all depends on the specialists who call the potential buyer. Their soft skills are of paramount importance because they do not see buyers and buyers do not see their interlocutors.

In recent years, it has become even more difficult to increase sales through calls. The number of scammers has increased. They are trying to lure money from their victims in various ways. Many people still fall for their tricks, while other people simply do not answer calls from unknown phone numbers. 

Thus, it becomes more and more challenging for salespeople to do their job at a high level. Therefore, business leaders must invest their knowledge and capital for the hot and cold-calling department to succeed. 

Upgrading your specialists or finding true professionals in your field can be a daunting task. However, if you start working on improving your sales call center now, you will start to see positive results in the short term. And in the long run, you will get a team that will make more and more successful calls to customers every time. As a result, your business will flourish. 

We’ll walk you through the steps you can take to improve your sales call center. 

Sales calling statistics

To understand how things are with sales through calls, you need to stay informed about the statistics. This can help you adjust your strategy promptly and guide your sales reps in the right direction. Here are the stats you should consider: 

❖ Over 90% of buyers assume that calls from unknown numbers may be from scammers; 

❖ Specialists can improve conversions by making repeat calls by more than 65%; 

❖ Calls made toward the end of the business day are often the most successful; 

❖ Over 80% of clients are more willing to agree to a meeting after an initial cold call; 

❖ By establishing the reason for the call, professionals can make twice as many successful calls. 

How to improve your call center

Don’t make customers wait 

Specialists can not only make calls but also receive them from potential customers. A lot depends on how many employees work in your call center. If you don’t want to lose your customers, you should reduce your waiting time. 

In addition, you should also take advantage of the call queuing function that advanced software offers today. Thanks to this feature, you can redirect calls, and allocate a phone line for typical buyers and VIP buyers who cannot be kept waiting. This is convenient for your sales team and also causes less negative feedback from buyers. 

Use a local phone number 

As scam calls are on the rise, fewer and fewer people are willing to answer calls from unknown numbers. Many companies do not have branches in all cities of the world, but this does not mean that they cannot have clients all over the world. Many companies make the mistake of not using a local number. 

Seeing a call on the phone from an unknown number from the other side, your sales specialist is unlikely to wait for an answer. Thus, if you want to increase conversions and response rates, you should use a local phone number. 

Give preference to employees with highly developed soft skills 

Many companies mistakenly believe that they should hire employees who can sell aggressively. They believe that if a specialist knows how to persistently offer a product, then a potential buyer will not be able to refuse. 

A good specialist is not someone who only knows the product thoroughly or knows a lot of sales techniques. A good specialist should also be able to listen and show empathy. Every specialist can study the product and tactics, but not every person can be a pleasant conversationalist by nature. 

Therefore, when you hire a team of specialists, make more emphasis on the applicants’ soft skills in the interview. Everything else they can learn and in the end you will get a high-class professional. 

Help customers solve their problems 

Your specialists must position themselves not only as sellers who can present the product in a favorable light. It is also of great importance that your specialists could position themselves as experts in their field. 

Today, not only the ability to get involved is essential, but rather the ability to identify the problem, understand how your product can help or get rid of the problem altogether and talk about the product from such an angle that the buyer cannot refuse it. 

Many try to sell aggressively, oblivious to the fact that buyers can have a lot of problems. A product can have many attractive features. Knowing the problem of the client, specialists can expose the product in the light that will be most attractive to the person. Each person is unique and their problems are different. A good specialist should be able to analyze and, based on the analysis, choose a sales strategy, instead of going ahead using the same technique. 

Offer related products 

It’s great when you can sell a customer an expensive product that is your best seller. Your sales figures will increase. However, what if the list of products that your company has to offer is not limited to just one single bestseller? 

Companies lose money when a lot of other items are left in stock. In such a case, if your salespeople are focused on more than just selling one significant product, you can increase average bills by offering related products. 

For example, your main product is a variety of high-quality teas. In addition to tea, your company may also sell sugar, sugar substitutes, baked goods, and more. All these goods are related. Given this relationship, your specialists can make sure that the client’s check increases. 

Depending on your products, you should talk to your salespeople about the different techniques they can use in a given situation. When making calls, it is important to be able to hear customers and then you will find the right approach to them. 

Motivate your employees 

You can achieve good results if your employees work for your company for more than just a paycheck. Of course, this is an unconditional root cause, but it does not always help to create a friendly team that will strive for success. 

To keep them motivated, you need to make sure that you are also interested in the success of each employee. Companies usually reward well those who show high sales figures. This can be expressed in an increase in salaries, wage bonuses, etc. 

However, if you want everyone to have a stake in personal growth, and therefore in the growth of your business, you should develop a transparent reward system. When all employees understand what they need to do to get a nice bonus, this will not create a hostile and aggressive mood within the team. 

Bonuses can be different, at your discretion. In addition to the above, it can be the following: 

● Corporate trips; 

● Paid holiday; 

● Time off; 

● Wellness programs; 

● Exclusive deals on different products, etc. 

You can come up with anything you see fit. In this case, employees will understand why they need to move forward and achieve more. 

Implement an on-the-job training program 

Every field is faced with innovation and change. Today, changes are happening so fast that we do not always have time to learn about them and adapt to them. Likewise, there is always room for growth in sales. Tactics are being modified and improved. New products are coming. Target audiences are changing. New software is being introduced. 

It is important to notice such changes and your employees should be fully prepared for them. It is unlikely that someone will have enough self-development outside of working hours. There are such people, but again, without an obvious benefit for them, they are unlikely to make efforts to change something. Plus, people tend to choose sales tactics that work for them. They may not always lead to great results, but if the results are stable, then there is not much point in facing the discomfort of learning something new. 

Thus, you should be responsible for providing on-the-job training. If you don’t want only mediocre sales results but want high results, then developing the skills of your salespeople should be your priority. 

Don’t stop at one call 

Many professionals, faced with an unsuccessful initial call, give up and stop seeing the client as a lead. Many companies make this mistake. Repeat calls allow companies to improve their sales figures by seventy percent. 

In this regard, an unsuccessful first call is not yet an indicator of failure. The specialist may use other tactics or another specialist can call this client, applying their conversation strategy. Perseverance is better than giving up without a fight. 


Sales calls can be tricky, but they still deliver great results for many companies around the world. The essence of increasing conversion is to find weaknesses in the work of sales professionals that can be improved. On-the-job training remains the most effective method of staying up to date. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the selection of employees for the team and the use of modern technologies that can greatly simplify many processes. 

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