6 HealthTech Start-Ups That Are Making Noise

The healthcare industry has seen a significant influx of start-ups in recent years, with entrepreneurs leveraging the latest technology to address some of the sector's most pressing challenges.

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From AI-powered diagnostic tools to wearable devices that track health metrics, these startups are revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at six HealthTech start-ups that are making waves in the industry and innovating traditional healthcare models.


In a world that highly values modern medicine, Evinature challenges the status quo by providing evidence-based natural remedies to address some of the most difficult-to-treat health issues such as ulcerative colitis (UC), Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Using their gold standard in providing each patient with a tailor-fit solution, Evinature goes through an academically rigorous peer review process to ensure the validity of traditional remedies. Evinature has gone leaps and bounds further into proving misconceptions about traditional medicine with the ultimate goal of prioritising global accessibility for patients who could not afford treatment otherwise.


Headway is building a new mental healthcare system, rewired for access and affordability. The company believes in redeveloping the healthcare system to make mental health care more accessible. To realize this vision, the company assists providers in building their practices and connects patients with affordable therapists.

The organization understands that there is a vast disparity between the number of people who struggle with mental health issues and the number of people who can afford professional help. This is why Headway says that patients could pay as low as $20 to see a therapist, compared to the average of $200.

Pearl Health

Driven by its mission, Pearl Health offers data-driven software and consulting services to primary care physicians by using software that enables risk forecasting, recommends prioritisation and patient engagement, provides data on low-cost care options and identifies key metrics and opportunities.

Ultimately, Pearl Health is fixing the healthcare system by partnering with Primary Care practices around the country, providing the data-driven software and consultative services they need to optimise the quality of care for their patients.

Thyme Care

Thyme Care believes in creating a better cancer journey for all. It makes it possible by working as a value-based oncology management platform that provides personalised, clinically coordinated care to individuals with cancer.

The platform helps give all patients an ‘insider’ experience by permitting access to numerous professionals. From oncology nurses to social workers, patients gain a care team that advocates for their needs and answers their questions. Outside of counseling and advice, ThymeCare members and their families can receive financial guidance, childcare assistance and transportation services.

The Pill Club

More and more women experience stigma and shame when talking about health. This is why The Pill Club is creating a new system that supports women by providing accessible and affordable care tailored to their well-being. They bring together doctors, nurses and patient care advocates to make sure everyone they serve gets the care they need.

The Pill Club’s doctors and nurse practitioners review patients’ health histories, learn their stories, and prescribe the right medication. Their team of pharmacists, intern pharmacists and pharmacy technicians review and process patients’ medication order and make sure it gets straight to them. And finally, their patient care team supports members with signing up, insurance and payment options and any questions patients might have along the way.


DearDoc helps private practice doctors grow their businesses through technology. They have created an innovative, technology-driven growth management platform for doctors who want to grow and serve their client base through our various internet-based products.

The company offers various online products like website design, AI chat services, and digital patient intake forms. They have prided themselves on providing top-tier products and services that create real results for our 2,500 and growing customer base. Overall, DearDoc helps doctors build a digital presence, market to new patients, enhance digital customer experiences and complete operational tasks for support staff.

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