5 Tips for Future Proofing Your Social Media Strategy

Do you want your social media strategy to stand the test of time? Here, we have some tips as to how you can future-proof your strategy.  

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A social media strategy is a must-have for any small business. The only thing is – it often doesn’t take the priority that it should when considering tools for growth. It’s also an evolving space, so there is always an increasing number of ways for you to make your mark on social platforms – to generate engagement and leads. Here are some top tips as to how you can future-proof your social media strategy.

Keep your Posting Consistent

Bear in mind, people use social media platforms as search engines. And just like Google, they want to see that there are regular pieces of content being pushed out that are of value to the user. 

It’s no use to post content on social media once a month, or even once every couple of weeks. There should be a steady flow. Of course, it can be difficult if you don’t have adequate resources to do this, and this could be when you could use a social media management platform to allow you to schedule these accordingly.

Choose the Right Platforms for your Business

Make sure you don’t use a scattergun approach when it comes to your social media strategy. 

Have a good think about who your target demographic is, and the kind of content they would expect to see. Also, think about the type of business you are in and what channel would best fit this. For example, if you have a business that has visual appeal such as an interior design company, or a business within the beauty industry – Instagram would be where you may want to palace a large focus. If you are a recruitment agency, then you may want to put your efforts toward LinkedIn. Think carefully about where you push out your content and concentrate your efforts.

Keep the Content Native to the Channel

Don’t make the mistake of posting the same content on every platform. If you create something on TikTok for example, you will notice that they have effects that you can use, sounds you can add, and other features that can help expand the reach of your content. So it makes sense to use their creator tools native to that channel. You will also notice that the videos that you create have the TikTok watermark on them. Should you want to post something on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn – it wouldn’t be wise to use the same video.

Use Social Media Analytics to Your Advantage

The great thing about social media is that you can get a great sense of how your content is performing with their in-built analytical tools. They have fantastic insights that you can use that will help you gauge the level of reach, engagement, and popularity. You can also “watch” pages on Facebook for example, that will automatically benchmark your content against your competitors. When you couple this with other third-party tools such as Google Analytics, this can give you a holistic view of how successful your campaigns are.

Keep these pieces of advice in mind to future-proof your social media strategy.

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