Employee international relocation: How to make a case to convince managers to let you do it

Moving abroad can be a stressful time for most people.

You’ll be leaving behind friends, family, and potentially a beloved job. However, there is a way for you to bring that job with you to make settling into your new country that little bit easier. This is called employee international relocation, but you may need to convince your managers that it’s beneficial to the company as well as yourself.

In the year ending June 2022, more than half a million Brits emigrated abroad. There are many reasons for this including retirement in another country, they’re sick of the Great British weather or they just want to try something new. Whatever your reasons, for moving abroad, however, will have an extra element of difficulty if you want to bring your job with you.

Fortunately, we can help you get the key data and information that may be able to convince your managing staff to let you do it. Read our comprehensive guide to employee international relocation below to learn more.

Identify the possible benefits

Simply doing your job from a beach in a hot country might not be enough to get them over the line. But telling them how your relocation could benefit the business might. Do your research and see if you could open new markets and fill skill gaps in the country you want to relocate to.

You could also convince them that having an international team will improve online communication too, which could benefit other members of your team as well as yourself.

Calculate the return on investment

Sure, having great theories of what could happen may entice your employer. However, putting numbers on their desk will be the real selling point. Compare the costs of having you employed over there to the potential money that could be made from your international relocation due to a growing market and potentially greater demand.

Quantify the costs

You’ll also need to let them know what the costs of getting you into your new country are. This could be visas and immigration fees. It may also be a good idea to seek expert immigration advice to make sure you understand everything that’s involved in the relocation process. This will back up your costs and prove to them that you’ve done your research.

Devise a plan

If they’re happy with what you’ve prepared at this point, then you’ll need to develop a comprehensive plan. Include timelines, resources needed, and how your success will be tracked abroad. You may also wish to put a document together about the best places for Brits to move abroad to for any future employees that want to take advantage of this benefit.

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