7 Strategies to Help Ambitious Women Climb Up The Corporate Ladder

According to Zippia, globally, women occupy 23% of executive positions, 29% of senior management positions, 37% of manager positions, 42% of professional positions, and 47% of support staff positions.

In 2020, the representation of women on S&P board directors reached a historic high of 30%. And a study shows women make up only 5% of the top earners who qualify as “the one percent.”

The path to the corner office does not have to be lonely. It can be quite enjoyable if you know how to navigate your way through the maze of the male-dominated corporate culture. 

Here are some tips from women who have been there:

Build a Strong Network

The corporate world is a network of relationships, and those with the strongest networks are often the ones who advance.

It’s not enough to have one or two strong connections. Build a robust professional network by reaching out to people in your industry, finding out what they do and how they do it, and identifying ways to help each other.

Forbes recently reported that networking successfully means more than just establishing connections with numerous individuals. It entails building a community where ideas can be shared, problems can be solved, and opportunities can be created for each other. 

A reciprocal mindset strengthens relationships where members promote each other’s goals by offering referrals and connections, knowing that others in the group are doing the same for them. This practice can give women the confidence and motivation to attain professional success.

Find a Mentor

Entrepreneur.com states that mentorship is advantageous to all individuals involved, including the mentor, mentee, and the organization as a whole. Various academic studies demonstrate that it leads to more significant career advancement, reduced turnover rates, and increased investment in the organization. Mentorship is especially vital for underrepresented populations in the workplace, such as women.

Mentors can be a valuable resource for ambitious women to advance in the corporate world. While mentorship relationships are not always easy to establish, you should never stop looking for one. A mentor can help you navigate the corporate world and achieve your goals, whether it’s related to your career or personal life. 

Get a Professional Degree

If you’re looking to advance your career, getting a professional degree is an excellent idea. Not only does it look great on your resume and make you more competitive in the job market, but it can also help prepare you for future management roles by helping you develop leadership skills and learn how to manage people.

One option is an online MBA-accredited program. An online MBA-accredited program offers many advantages for women who want to grow in the corporate world. Firstly, it allows them to balance their work and personal life while obtaining an advanced degree. Secondly, it provides them with a flexible and convenient learning experience, as they can study at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Finally, an MBA degree can significantly boost a woman’s earning potential and open up new career opportunities, making it a worthwhile investment in their future.

Communicate Your Goals

You need to communicate your goals. It’s a simple concept, but it can be difficult for some people to do because they fear being perceived as boastful or arrogant. But communicating your goals is essential if you want to advance in the corporate world.

For people around you (bosses, colleagues, and family members) to help you reach those goals or help take advantage of opportunities that arise from them, they need a clear idea of what those goals are. If no one knows what you want out of life or work, then there won’t be much support when things get tough along the way toward achieving those dreams.

Take Initiative

Taking initiative is an essential skill for anyone, but it’s especially crucial for ambitious women. If you want to get ahead in your career, being proactive and thinking outside the box is essential, and they’re not just buzzwords. They’re ways of showing that you have what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive workplace.

Taking initiative doesn’t mean doing everything yourself (or even most things). It does mean taking charge when something needs doing, whether that’s finishing up a project that hasn’t been completed on time or coming up with ideas for improving efficiency at work functions. 

You can take the initiative by bringing up problems with coworkers so they can be solved before they become bigger issues later on down the line

Embrace Challenges

Embrace challenges. In the corporate world, there are always going to be obstacles that you need to overcome. From learning a new skill or project management software to dealing with difficult co-workers and bosses, it’s all part of the job.

It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. The best way for ambitious women like yourself who want their careers as leaders in business is not only to learn from their mistakes but also to find ways around them so they don’t happen again in future projects or deals at work (or outside).

Advocate for Yourself

Advocating for yourself is a skill that can be learned, but it’s also one that many women need more support to utilize. If you find yourself in this category, it’s important to note that advocating for yourself is not the same as being aggressive or pushy.

Instead of thinking of it as asking for something, which often makes people uncomfortable, think of advocacy as speaking up when you feel like your voice isn’t being heard or being able to say no when someone asks you something unreasonable.


To succeed in the corporate world, you must be ambitious and confident. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on being a woman. It’s better if you don’t. You can retain your femininity while still striving toward success through these strategies for women who want more from life than just being moms or wives.

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