B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn: 5 Tried-and-Tested Strategies

Ever since LinkedIn's beginning, B2B marketers and salespeople have been focusing on leveraging this treasure trove for B2B success.

Why? This social network is ideal for sourcing B2B leads as it allows effortlessly connecting with other professional human beings.

So if the “join-be active-get leads” rule does not work for you, we’ve got your back. This article shares actionable tips on how to give full play to B2B LinkedIn marketing.

Let’s dive right into the details.

5 Strategies to Find B2B Leads on LinkedIn

Many of your everyday LinkedIn activities already assist you in finding leads. They are connecting with prospects, being active, writing posts, etc.

The strategies we highlight in this article will guide you in the right direction regarding B2B lead generation and help you harness the platform to the full.

#1 – Search your niche carefully

Use LinkedIn search to find your niche and narrow down your search.

For example, you are targeting law firms.

In search results, you are likely to see it all in one place. To make the results better targeted, you’ll need to click the Companies tab. Such a narrowed-down search will let you do your homework better and obtain the details required for irresistible outreach.

You will want to study the following company details:

· Overview

· Website

· Content

Next, click the See all X employees on LinkedIn tab to access all people who listed your targeted company as their employer. You should explore the list carefully and find a person whose title is related to the product or service that you’re offering.

So if you are a PPC manager, you should look for the Director of Marketing. Or, if you sell automation software for recruiters, you should connect with top managers from the HR Department.

#2 – Use Linked Helper 2

LH2 is LinkedIn automation software. For safety reasons and to comply with the social network’s algorithms, the tools’ creators chose to build it as downloadable software, which allows the simulation of the actions of a real-life person.

In terms of B2B lead generation on LinkedIn, the tool allows you to:

· Bypass the weekly platform’s limit of 100 invites

· Scrape data, including emails, and export it into a CSV file

· Like and comment on the targeted audience’s content following specific rules

· Engage with users who interact with your profile

Besides, following the search criteria specified by you, Linked Helper will transfer accounts that meet your requirements directly to the CRM you are using.

With all the capabilities of LinkedIn automation, incorporating it into your B2B lead automation strategy will become an ace up your sleeve.

#3 – Leverage LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn generation forms are another effective means to source more B2B prospects.

One of its significant advantages is that potential clients do not get forced to go off-site. Instead, they get a chance to receive access to valuable resources in exchange for investing some time to share details then and there.

LinkedIn facilitates the whole process for both parties and populates such forms automatically. So signup, for instance, is often completed with a button click.

#4 – Publish Sponsored Content

Content is gold, and B2B lead generation is no exception. As you are targeting professionals, the content you share should be well-researched and bring true value to the reader.

Being one of LinkedIn’s native ad formats, sponsored content is an effective means to showcase your professionally written insights in the LinkedIn feed across mobile and desktop devices.

The platform lets you choose from one of the formats to achieve that — carousel images, single images, and video ads are also of them.

#5 – Build Communities

Many brands have a change of heart when it comes to joining and building communities on social networks. There, professionals from the same niche discuss interests, ask and answer questions, and share data.

The strategy suggests engaging with your target audience in LinkedIn groups through networking and building non-intrusive conversations.

Nonetheless, there are certain rules you’ll need to follow:

· Avoid being overactive in the community from the first minutes

· Don’t push your product or service right away

· Avoid sharing novice insights that betray your intentions

If you do not follow these simple rules, such activities will have the reverse effect and repel your B2B leads instead of gaining their attention.

Thus, you should do your best to establish a loyal professional relationship with your leads before making any sales pitch.


When doing B2B lead generation on LinkedIn, don’t forget that it’s not the company that is your lead but the right human being who works for the targeted business.

After you grasp this idea and are armed with the information we shared in this article, you will be able to set yourself as a thought leader and connect with promising contacts who are ready to hear from you.

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