Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy CEO, on Becoming a Professional

For Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy co-founder and CEO, education is a key to establishing a professional identity. 

In founding the Academy, Terry’s goal was to provide educational resources for individuals who wanted to study financial markets but take a less traditional path. Beginning with a focus on the foreign exchange (forex) market, IM Mastery Academy has since expanded to encompass a wide range of topics, from e-commerce to social media. This expansion is part of Christopher Terry’s broader vision for IM Mastery Academy, which is to provide opportunities for individuals to pursue their unique path to knowledge and become a professional.

“Amateurs compete, professionals create. As a business professional, it is imperative to stand up, stand out, go forward, and do the uncomfortable,” said Terry in a recent Instagram post. “Don’t look at what your neighbor is doing, your friends, or something you see on social media, and think: ‘I should be at that same level, too.’ Comparison is the thief of all joy. Focus on creation. Focus on building your business, your networks, and your results. Everybody’s journey is different. Embrace yours and become a professional.”

How Does IM Mastery Academy Work?

When Cristopher Terry founded IM Mastery Academy in 2013 with co-founder Isis Terry, they aimed to provide a more flexible option for those who wanted to learn about financial markets.

Many online educational platforms, particularly those in the financial education space, focus on providing asynchronous resources such as readings and videos. While IM Mastery Academy does deliver these sorts of materials, Christopher Terry often emphasizes the importance of personal connection and relationships in building a professional identity, and this mindset has informed the structure of his online academy. In addition to providing readings and pre-recorded videos, IM Mastery Academy allows students to interact with educators in live online discussions via the Academy’s GoLive feature.

“Be more loving and relatable to people. Don’t just treat people as a number,” said Christopher Terry. “The biggest thing in any business is relationships. You have to have relationships. You have to be a good communicator.”

This focus on relationships is also on display at IM Mastery Academy events, where Christopher Terry is a frequent keynote speaker. IM Mastery Academy has held several IM Beyond in-person events in 2022, including in Palm Beach, Florida; Barcelona, Spain; Phoenix; and Zurich. These events are in part in service of building professional relationships amongst individuals involved with the Academy, including independent business owners, students, and educators.

The events recognize those individuals who have taken significant steps on their professional journey, and they provide a platform for these individuals to share motivational insight on mindset, educational approaches, and financial market strategies. As Christopher Terry explains, IM Mastery Academy can provide a possible opportunity for individuals with similar goals and levels of motivation to connect and help each other along the way in their professional development journeys.

“Work on you. The better you become, the better you will attract. You see, we associate with other people according to our intention,” said Terry in another post. “People of similar intention regarding a particular company or idea will move closer to each other.”

Finding a Professional Path

The Academy was founded with a focus on traditional financial markets, but Christopher Terry realized IM Mastery Academy could be a forum for a broader range of educational resources and has made an effort to adapt to the paths available to modern students. This included adding a digital currency academy, then launching academies on e-commerce (ECX), and building a personal social media brand (SMX).

IM Mastery Academy even launched a travel and lifestyle academy, TLX, in 2022. TLX offers members the opportunity to book hotels and resorts at discounted rates, as well as opportunities to travel on themed trips with IM Mastery Academy educators. An upcoming trip, known as Stocks on the Strip, will take those TLX members who sign up to Las Vegas and will feature unique training from an educator from the new SMX social media academy.

For Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy’s variety of offerings speaks to the many professional paths an individual might take, but regardless of the path, the focus remains on the power of education and building connections with others.

Note: No financial or investment advice or services are offered by IM Mastery Academy which is an educational platform for online learning.


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