5 Reasons Why Digital Signage is the Right Investment for Your Business Already Today

Let’s start with the obvious fact that the mainstream media is ignoring digital signs because they are cheaper than salt. After all, the Chinese are churning them out like the Swiss churn-out cheese.

The cost of the Chinese currency is so artificially low that Chinese-made TV screens are cheaper than they were 10 years ago, and the demand is helping to increase supply. Even if you cannot afford a good-quality digital sign, you can still pick up a cheap TV and convert it into a digital sign for a very low price. Here are five reasons why such a low-cost investment is so valuable for your business.

1 – They Bridge The Gap Between the Online World and the Offline World

Businesses, especially offline stores, do not want people walking around their stores and then ordering the same products from Amazon at a fraction of the cost. Businesses and stores want to keep people off their phones, so they try to bridge the gap with digital signs. Some people put tutorials on their digital signs so people do not look up how to use them, and some even put social media reviews of their products on their digital signs to dissuade people from looking online for them.

2 – Digital Signs Attract Attention

Grab yourself a digital sign or a Smart TV, install the Kitcast software, and then control it from your PC or tablet device. Add content, schedule the content, and let the run at the pace you set. You can attract attention in several ways, from creating clever decor tricks to showing interesting videos near your shop window. In truth, any form of movement is going to attract people’s eyes from their peripheral vision. It is then up to you to sell to those people once you have grabbed their attention.

3 – You Can Test Out Your Adverts Using Multiple Digital Signs

Try a different advertisement on different screens and check how your sales perform. Figure out which ads are working and which are not. Switch them around, putting different ads on different screens. Try switching the days, the time of day, and so forth. Use the scientific method to determine which of your video ads are performing the best, and then work to improve them or discard them and try again.

4 – Give People Demonstrations In-Store

Imagine you have an employee who shows people how amazing your Japanese knives are. There is a demonstration every half hour where your employee shows the knife cutting through a can and then through a ripe tomato. Now, imagine the same thing, but it runs every ten minutes, and each time it is the same as before. A real-life person giving a demonstration every half hour will never beat a digital sign that can be left on repeat all day and show the demonstration every ten minutes. Plus, the digital sign will have the same enthusiasm and no mistakes because it is pre-recorded. A real-life demonstrator will get tired, will lose enthusiasm, and will make mistakes. Plus, with digital signs, you can have demonstration videos going on 

5 – Your Competitors Are Going to Use Them

This sounds like a cheap reason to install digital signs, but the fact is that many companies are doing it. Even museums are installing digital signs. It turns out that everybody has a pretty similar view of the future. Look at Blade Runner, the 5th Element, and the Minority Report movies. They feature digital signs in abundance. You should start installing and working with digital signs so that they may find their most suitable place in your business, and so that you may figure out their most optimal use.


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